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by - April 14, 2016

So basically, I was talking with a fellow writer friend of mine and I randomly brought up my blog. It wasn't really self-promotion but at the same time... it kind of was?

Anyway, I asked her if she liked to read blogs. She said she did. I was satisfied with this response so I asked if she could check out my blog and point out any errors. She checked it out and advised me on many things but the main advice that sunk in was to get a different template.

Her: Switch to Wordpress.. it's better!

Me: Nah...

Her: Blogger blogs usually look similar tho :/ Wait a minute... you could search for other templates.

Me: Hmm....

I asked her to find anyone who could design a template for me for free. She told me she would but later on she actually sent me a link to a website with lots of free blogger templates and then I was overjoyed. However, I had a little problem with actually uploading the templates.

For two, three, four (I dunno) days I tried to upload a new template to no avail. However, I kept trying.

Yesterday, in the afternoon I finally figured out how to upload a new template and when I did...

...my blog was ruined, basically.

The posts were here and there and it looked hideous and I kept changing it to different templates and it became even more hideous and some things weren't even in English and then I became really angry and frustrated. I even got kind of angry at the person who suggested the templates (he he sorry). I acted moody and stuff until I went to church. After church I jumped on the computer and then tried out different templates and then bam... 

... my blog was healed. Yay. (I really need to get gifs)

And that was my story. Did you like it? You probably didn't. It was kind of rushed because I want to post it today before I forget and my brother is gonna push me off soon.

So yeah... comments are cool...

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  1. Love the new theme! So sorry you had all that trouble, people say technology makes things so simple, but the true fact is technology is confusing and so not simple. Glad your blog "healed" though!

    1. Thanks for commenting. Yeah the "healing part" xDD I can be such a dork sometimes.

  2. I have been an avid fan of Blogger for years. I've never attempted to upload a brand new template, but I have customized my blog a lot from the "Simple" template by changing the background picture and headers. Blog designing is rough. I feel you.

    Hope it goes better for you in the future!

    1. I was surprised to see your comments this morning. I kind of panicked because I feel that my blog posts seem quite... um... (not that good xD) and they reek of my dorkiness. But um hi... and wait, how do you bloggers find other fellow Christian bloggers?

  3. Agh, changing templates can be a nightmare! Have you thought about getting a test blog? When I was on blogger I had a "hidden" test blog that no one else could see and I used it to muck about on so I didn't ruin my main blog if I made a horrible mistake. :P It really helped!! (Wordpress is best, hehe, but only if you pay, I think. D: And that's definitely not for everybody. Stick with what you're comfortable with!)
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

    1. Hi Cait! Mm, I should get a test blog then. Maybe I'll un-delete my old blog. But I'm glad that it's fixed now! Thanks for having the time to check out my blog!

  4. Your new design looks awesome! You know, minus the fact that everything almost blew up. That part was less than awesome, but I think the end result was worth it. It looks great! And for Wordpress, I'm pretty sure you have to pay and that's not always for everyone, and I personally have never had a problem with Blogger. (Even if all Blogger blogs look the same. I personally don't mind it. *shrugs*)

    1. Thank you so much for having the time to check out my blog. I'm happier with the design now but the drop down bar is a bit of a problem for me xD I'd seriously hate to pay for blogging. It's not that I'm cheap (okay maybe-) it's just that I don't have a job, you know?

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Haha okay, I would never recommend something to a fellow blogger that I know requires paying unless she expresses her capability. I know how I feel about paying for such features, haha.

    There is a difference between "Wordpress.com" and "Wordpress.org," of which the latter allows you to do everything on your own with no limits whatsoever. Of course, you'll still have to pay for a domain but it's totally more flexible than Wordpress.com. The former (Wordpress.com) is free, but there are some features that require money, which are premium. Mostly it's the themes. But there are as many free themes as premium ones. It just takes a little creativity and manipulation to pull some things off. I was a kid when I tried Blogger and I just couldn't get it to look the way I wanted it to, so on my quest to find a solution I discovered Wordpress and played around with it. Now I have the opportunity to work with the premium features while creating a blog for a church ministry, which really enhances the Wordpress experience. They're limits though.

    So like you said, Wordpress isn't for everyone, as is with Blogger, and they both definitely have their pros and cons. It's totally fine sticking with what you're comfortable with, but it's also good to explore and be aware of what else is offered around c:

  7. And c'mon Grace, you know I didn't mean it like that, haha. Thanks for putting up with me though. I apologize for the feelings I've caused. I'd be upset with myself too.

    Gosh I feel like such a douche now xD

    1. You have revealed your identity! *gasps* And what do you mean, you apologise? You didn't do anything wrong. My feelings got in the way and I get mad at people when I'm frustrated. So yeah, I'm sorry for being angry. xDDD

  8. Ugh, it's totally lame that your blog got messed up! I've been disappointed with the themes before too, but I also like sticking with what I'm comfortable doing. I hope you keep blogging, though! Hopefully Blogger will behave more in the future. *glares at Blogger menacingly*


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