Solitaire - Alice Oseman

April 02, 2016

Today, I will be reviewing the book Solitaire by Alice Oseman. This book has received quite a lot of mixed reviews from readers.

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Title: Solitaire

AuthorAlice Oseman

Genre: YA, Contemporary

Plot: This story is about an introverted, pessimistic 16-year-old girl named Victoria Spring who finds a trail of post it notes on her school locker that leads to an old computer room where she discovers a website called and an eccentric boy named Michael Holden.

Opinion: Many people disliked this book because of Tori Spring's rude and judgemental ways. To be honest, despite being an introverted pessimist myself, I found it difficult to like Tori Spring's character. However, Tori Spring is a depressed character and when you are depressed, it is very difficult to think positively. Of course, this is no excuse for her often un-called for nastiness but the readers do need to put themselves in Tori's shoes.

I quite like Alice Oseman's style of writing in this book. It was okay and not over descriptive. And despite Tori's nastiness, I could often relate to how she felt.

Recommendation: I recommend this novel for teenagers that are 15 and above as there is quite a lot of bad language and some issues that are difficult for others to digest. I also recommend this book to fellow pessimists because such a novel might ruin an optimist's day.

Rating: ***1/2 - Three and a half stars out of five

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  1. Yours is the first review that I've read about this book, but it sounds like the type to be polarizing. Characters shouldn't be perfect, but they should have some likable qualities. It's a hard balance to find.

    Also, your comment about the book ruining an optimist's day made me laugh.

    1. Really? You found that funny? I'm... funny? (Don't encourage me xDD) Just Kidding. Or maybe not XDD


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