The Infinity Dreams Award

May 07, 2016

Thank you Victoria from The Endless Oceans of my Mind for tagging me!

The Rules:

 You should answer eleven questions and then tag someone with eleven questions of your own!

Let's go!

1. Who is your favourite superhero and why?

Um... Bibleman? I don't know, okay! Please don't hate me! My brothers are actually into superhero stuff and my sister is getting into it. So... hmm... um... Goku? I used to watch Dragon Ball Z Kai! with my younger brother. I'll say Goku because he seems cool and powerful and stuff.

2. If you had a whole day to yourself to do whatever you wanted, what would you do?

Well... I don't have a lot of money so I'd probably eat loads of French Toast for breakfast. And then... I'd stay in all day watching YouTube videos or I would visit the library for some books and then I'd stay in all day watching YouTube videos. And also practice Spanish and Korean.

3. What was your favourite book of 2015?

Probably Geek Girl Picture Perfect by Holly Smale. It was absolutely brilliant. A bit sad but brilliant.

4. If you could live anywhere outside of your country where would you live?

England. I kinda like it more than Ireland and it's easier to get hair products as I have 4b/c natural hair. Also, if I lived near my cousins I can get the books I want easily.

5. Is there a specific piece of clothing you wear all the time/often?

Yes. My clogs. Don't give me that look. I only wear them at home and they're super comfy!

6. If you're a writer, what genre do you write in the most? If you're not a writer, then which genre do you read the most?

I usually write Teen Contemporary Fiction. Basically YA but without the romance #romancemustdie. Also, I  write about black teenagers in Europe which I barely see. I'm also working on a Mystery/Thriller which I started when I was 13 but kept editing so now I barely have four chapters completed.

7. What's your favourite way to spend your evenings?

Watching YouTube videos, of course.

8. Which accomplishment are you most proud of?

I dunno... I finished writing a proper story when I was 14. That's all :/

9. If you could time travel ( not to the future though), when and where would you go?

Bible times... to see Samson? Or to when David was fighting Goliath.

10. Briefly describe a usual day for you.

I wake up at around 7/8am, wait for everyone to wake up, pray, eat, do my hair, use the internet, study? I would then wait for lunch and then, depending on what day it is, go to church, go back home, attempt to study, eat again and then pray again with the family and sleep.

11. Who is your favourite fictional character?

Can I pick two? Um... Nick Hidaka from Geek Girl and Shinji Mimura. They are absolutely brilliant. Heck yeaaaah.

And now:

Five Truths Four Lies 
I'm also doing this tag because I've always wanted to do this!

Write nine facts- five truths, four lies or vice versa.
Tag people

1. I love school and I usually try my best to attend it everyday.

2. I often eat sugary snacks and desserts.

3. I admire England and Canada for having shows that often have characters of different racial backgrounds.

4. If I could, I would learn Chinese (mandarin), Italian and Japanese.

5. I like to share my food with others.

6. I eat rice at least twice every single week.

7. I've never had a crush on a guy I have ever seen in real life or a guy that lives in the country I currently reside.

8. I hate the colour pink.

9. I want to be an English teacher in a foreign country when I grow up.

As for tagging, I tag Raychel Rose from That Bright Young Thing (infinity Dreams tag and also five truths four lies) and anyone else who wants to do this. So yeah...

My questions:
1.What is/was your favourite school subject and why?
2. Do you often use YouTube? If so, what for?
3. What are the top three qualities you look for in a friend?
4. What is your favourite meal?
5. Do you consider yourself a funny person? If so, tell a joke.
6. What are three of your pet peeves?
7. What four YA clichés do you absolutely despise?
8. What word is your favourite?
9. Do you ever speak in a different accent sometimes?
10. Do you like rice?
11. Did you enjoy doing this tag? Hm? HMM?

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  1. Okay, going to try and do the tag sometime this week! Love your questions you gave and your replies! And I miss my pink clogs I had as a child, so comfy!

  2. I love watching Youtube! It's always fun to see someone else who enjoys watching it as me:) Fun tag!

    1. Yes, it's hard to find other people who really like YouTube (not that I watch it too much. pssh, what? xDD). And thank you so much Sunny.

  3. Post all ready to go up in the morning! Thanks for tagging me. :)


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