Afterthoughts on Finishing Exams and Advice For Upcoming Fifth Years

June 22, 2016

So yeah, I have finished The Leaving Cert (AKA: My Exams). Yup yup.


After finishing my exams I had all these thoughts floating in my head. Especially about my English and Spanish exams.

When I finished my English exam, the first thing I thought was "I haven't finished writing... ugh.." 
And I was almost done! Well, kinda. I'm a slow writer. Don't judge me.

Also, my hands didn't even hurt. Just my neck. Almost as if someone had sat on the back of it during my exams. Hmm...

When I went home, I could barely move my head around and I felt all angry and I had to go straight to bed. I don't really like sleeping but it did help my neck.

I wasn't a big fan of Maths. I had fallen so far on that subject that I practically gave up.

Advice For Upcoming Fifth Years

1. Pick subjects that you like
Not subjects that you're friends are doing (not that I did that), but subjects that you actually enjoy.

2. Pick subjects that you can actually do
Actually think carefully about your choices.

People have actually told me, "Don't do chemistry!" But noo, I had to pick it because "I want to do chemistry because I want to become a nurse/bio-technologist. I want to study medicine or help make soap and stuff and blah, blah, blah."

What? Everyone has to roast themselves sometimes. Not literally, of course.
And of course, last summer I found out that I actually don't need Chemistry because I discovered Korean Culture and I actually want to learn Korean be an English teacher over there! And I don't actually need most of my subjects.

hahahahahaha... no

3. When you learn stuff in school... actually study

*inserts over-used meme*
If you don't know how to study properly, ask for help! Don't wait for 'the right time'. Get into the habit of studying. Seriously, it will help you. It will.

And lastly...

4. Don't be a brat
Seriously, teachers spend a lot of time writing notes and remembering stuff for their different classes. Obviously, there will be times when school work will overwhelm you. However, if you are purposely disturbing the class for your own benefit or for the 'so-called' benefit of others, STOP. Also, don't complain about a teacher when you are obviously the wrong one. Why should a teacher put up with your nonsense? Also, if he/she does, you just complain that they're a pushover.

Also, don't even dream of bothering other students. Mind your own business and focus on your work instead of bullying and annoying others. Don't spread rumours. It's one thing to spread rumours about someone you know, but someone you don't even know?


 And if you can't stop, why are you even in school?

breaking bad walter white bryan cranston get out skyler white
My true colours have been revealed xD Just kidding, of course

Rant, over.


Yup, the new post came sooner than you thought it would. You just got treated to a fifth of what goes on in my mind. I often have rants in my heads like this. Don't worry, it's nothing serious.

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  1. Great post! Huh. I'll have to use these tips for when I go to school! *yikes* I'm pretty terrified. :o
    I hope you're having a great summer!

    1. I hope you'll be happy Monica. Public School is quite terrifying o.O

      I hope everything goes well!

      Have a good summer!


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