Five Pretty Interesting Black YouTubers

June 29, 2016

Now, I'm not only making these YouTube Recommendations for black YouTubers only, but for YouTubers of different races and different kinds of content. Please do not misunderstand me. I'm doing this because I've seen people on YouTube wonder where to find some black YouTubers.


1. TheThirdPew

Now, if you know BlimeyCow and are an avid fan weirdo who stalks all their videos like me, you will know who this guy is. Now, aside from that and being one of my favourite YouTubers EVER, TheThirdPew is an Ethopian-American who makes fairly clean comedy videos without cursing. They are quite entertaining but I will warn you: once you get started, you might not stop and you might spend some time waiting for him to upload more and more videos. (He is currently in college so that contributes to that).

2. TheOrangeScottie

Celeste is an African-American girl who makes different kinds of videos: vlogs, short films, advice and some videos that can be quite funny (at least, in my opinion). She also made some song covers if you like those. Overall, she is a sweet and wise individual who deserves some more subscribers (even though she doesn't upload often).

3. Nikolas Omilana


Nikolas Omilana is a Nigerian-British guy who makes comedy videos. Bear in mind, he mainly makes things that are not serious at all. His videos consists of Q&As, Public Dares, comedy skits and parodies. Make sure you check him out!

4. Kay Mejeidu


Kay Mejeidu is a Nigerian-American guy who is currently attending college. He mainly makes rants, discusses about poetry but sometimes he makes skits. He's pretty interesting. I think you guys might like him!

5. AhsantetheArtist


Ahsante is an African-American woman who makes vlogs, natural hair videos, rants and also advice videos. I admit, I don't often frequent her channel but I might have more chances to check out her videos in the future.


So guys. Those were my five Black YouTuber recommendations. Do you have any Black YouTubers that you enjoy watching? Any from this list or any that I haven't listed here? Put them in the comments below!

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  1. *runs off to check out the recs* These look super cool, especially TheThirdPew. I'd like to see more Christian YouTubers who are cooler and not preachy, and these ones look pretty good :)

    1. Oh, I forgot to add how most of them are actually Christian xD But they don't necessary make 'Christian' videos? (Shut up Grace, she knows). What do you mean non preachy? Do Blimey Cow and SayGoodnightKevin count?

    2. Nah, by "preachy" I mean something like "Ten Ways You Can Serve God In Your Local Community" or "Christian Girls: Why You Should Wait For A Husband" or "Ten Things Christian Guys Find Attractive in Christian Girls." (There seems to be a lot of them aimed at girls for dating advice for some reason? Like what even?) Then the dude (almost always seems to be a dude) goes on a rant for like ten minutes about the value of purity in a relationship, which I'm fine with and agree with but a ten minute rant? NOPE.



Keep it all clean, man. Well, if you really wanna curse, use minor swear words. And I mean the minorest of minor ones.

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