Foster - Claire Keegan

July 02, 2016

Author: Claire Keegan

Genre: Historical Fiction, Short story/Novella

Plot: The story is about a young girl who is sent to live with some 'foster' parents for a while before she can return to her real parents.

Opinion: This story was short. By short, I mean really short. Even shorter than The Fault in Our Stars. (yes, I know short stories are meant to be short).

The language was quite simple. This is to be expected, of course, since the narrator is a child. I would recommend it for children  that are quite young (5-8) but it mentioned the f-word once. This is probably not a big deal to some of you but it was practically written like a children's book so I found it very unnecessary.

The characters' names were barely mentioned, including the protagonist (with the exception of Kinsella who is male and not female). I could not really sympathise with any of them.

There was no tension in this book. Not... really.

It was set in Ireland, somewhere in the 1900s. The time period is not made clear in this book.

Recommendation: For 12-15 year olds. Yeah.

Rating: * 1/2 - One and a half stars out of five

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  1. This books sounds like a bit of a dud. Too bad, since I really like reading short stories! Better luck next time!


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