My Misconception of HomeSchoolers

July 13, 2016

You see, when I met a homeschooler for the first time (on Wattpad), I had a major misconception.

Did I think they had no friends? Nope.

Trapped inside their homes? Nope. 

Have overprotective parents? Nope.

Are automatically 'religious'. Noooo.

Do you want to know what I thought? Do you really, really want to know? Are you really driven by curiosity so much that you just have to kno-

ifc  bored annoyed ifc comedy bang bang
You at this point

No! Come back. You're all I have...

Okay, I basically thought that... well...

I thought all homeschoolers were rich.


Yup. And I blame my older brother.

You see, when I was a wee lil lass, my older brother told me that homeschoolers were rich because they have to pay a lot of money to get teachers to teach them in their homes.

Seriously, when the homeschooler told me they were homeschooled. I said:

"What?! Isn't that expensive?!"

She just virtually shrugged and told me that it depends on the person.

And it didn't help that a tv show/movie convinced me about this. (I don't remember what it was).


What did you think about my misconception? Do you have any misconceptions about Homeschoolers or Public Schoolers?

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  1. Oh, gosh, wow! I know a few rich-ish homeschoolers... but most of them are just regular folk. o.O Was your brother teasing you, or did he actually think that?

  2. I was homeschooled my whole life. Some curriculum can be expensive, but there are a lot of cheaper options. Most homeschoolers I know are middle class. Never really met any poor homeschoolers, only met a few rich ones.

    1. That's interesting. How many subjects do you have to learn?

    2. Subjects I'd have every year would be math, some type of English, literature, history, and either science or biology. And then there would be a few electives on top of that too.

  3. Ha, that's interesting. As a graduate of the homeschool life I can guarantee that it is cheaper than any school system, and most homeschool families are middle class. Or live that way because their six figures are spread over 15 children :P

    I guess I always tend to think of people in the school system as having fewer family members, two working parents, and less free time. None of those are bad things, really. I just find that when you do school at home, you often have more siblings (so you can't afford real school :P) and at least one of your parents is there to teach you. And when you're done with school, the day is yours. Unless you work. Or unless you're one of those families that goes a lot of places for "extracurricular activies." My family was never into those :)

    But I think misformed stereotyping is kind of part of human nature ^.^

    1. Yeah, I agree with stereotyping being part of human nature.

      I didn't regard Homeschool as regular school before but around last year I saw how my homeschool friend was working so hard and I felt envious of her. Also, I wanted to get home schooled this year before I graduated but it was too late and I was too old, apparently :/

  4. That's never even crossed my mind. I applaud your thinking-outside-the-box-and-questioning-stuff mind. I always just thought that if I was a homeschooler then I'd be the biggest hermit this planet has ever seen, which I pretty much am anyways. I guess I knew a few homeschoolers anyways (a few of them went to my church) and they were pretty ordinary so yeah.

    1. Yeah, I was surprised when I heard homeschooler stereotypes on Blimey Cow because I was basically like a stereotypical homeschooler, except, y'know, without the homeschooling xD

  5. LOL, this is really interesting! I mean, I guess some homeschoolers are rich, but most of the ones I know are not, lol. Hey, at least you didn't have a stereotypical misconception. We appreciate that at least. ;)


  6. XD I don't think I've ever encountered that misconception before. When people find out I was homeschooled, they usually just assume that means I didn't get an education. :P But I can see where it would be easy to think you'd have to be rich to be homeschooled, and it really does depend. My mom is a certified teacher anyway, so that was nice, but you don't even have to be a certified teacher to teach your children. And we had financial help for some of the courses, because my grandparents wanted to be involved in my education. But I would say the price of homeschooling was pretty comparable to the price of the private school I went to when I was younger. We just got to spend the money on a more personally-tailored curriculum. :)


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