So... School is Starting Soon...

September 01, 2016

It's September! 


Okay, so I have written a post here where I have written about my plans for the summer and also my goals.
Now I will reveal which ones I have achieved and also more plans for the future. Yaaay.

1. Write more
I have written more blog posts but as for my story... eh.

2. Continue to learn my precious languages
I have been learning Spanish and Korean but I have definitely slacked off a bit.

3. Change my blog template and do some HTML.
I guess 'doing' HTML doesn't really make sense but I definitely changed my blog template!

I don't know what show/movies some of these gifs come from
4. Learn how to drive
I haven't. You see, I was a bit preoccupied.... but I'm still going to attempt it this year!

5. Learn more recipes 
I should know more recipes but some people and also my laziness prevented me from doing so. I just wanted to make Jaeyook Bokum and also Bibimbap/Bulgogi or at least make croissants properly, okay? Or even Palmiers!

But I made two cakes so yay! Xylitol is your friend. Except in large quantities. 

6. Buy some more books
Yeah, well at least I went to the library. I'm internally crying because I want Geek Girl: Sunny Side up by Holly Smale (I need to include this in my collection) and Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie because it's just so Nigerian and it has some Nigerian Pidgin English and who cares if it's kind of a love story? IT'S NIGERIAN! That's obviously the only reason I should buy this book!

Your opinion or nah?

7. Write more book reviews
You guys probably know that I've written lots of reviews and to be honest, I have a list of reviews to write up but the list isn't too big. I've seen so many books I've wanted to read in the Library. Also, I have finally read Divergent (two months ago).

8. Fix the review page
And I have! However, I still need to fix some more things.

9. Practice the piano
Oh my goodness... don't get me started...

So overall, 4 out of 9! (the rest were halves).

Of course, certain scorners would mock me.

youtube blimey cow jordan's messyges
Is what you say

Well, guess what? 

youtube blimey cow jordan taylor
Who cares if that doesn't make sense!

Okay, the most important news.

College starts next week.

Yup Yup. And well.... things didn't work out so great but have no fear! I'll be doing a one year pre-university course. I'll be doing an Arts programme and I'll have school for less than 5 days per week. Orientation starts next week and I'm kind of nervous. Mainly because I know some of the bullies from Secondary school might come to the college. However, I emailed the Vice Principal about my worries but ended up speaking to the Principal. He informed me that if they weren't doing the same course as me, there would be a low chance of actually meeting them and also, there have been cases of bullying but they have stopped them so I feel a bit better.

Also, I need to do more of these posts where I talk about life and stuff. It's relaxing but also tiring. Maybe it's because I ate pizza maybe it's because I'm bragging about eating pizza. That's right. Be jealous. Even though you can make your own one by yourself. 


Soo.... did you guys achieve your goals? Is school/college starting next week for you? Are you doing it wrong? 

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  1. Hahahahahahahahahaa= my summer goals. I mean I did some good things, but as for writing a lot of blog posts, well.... (trails off, looks nervously around room). Good luck with university (pre university=whater still counts as university in my mind). (honestly, I am so looking forward to school being over so I don't have to deal with (also I just discovered blimey cow and it is so fabulous)

    1. Well, you definitely went outside more than I did. I did go outside more but still.

      Ah, thanks for wishing me luck! I hope things go well! Yes, Blimey Cow is awesome. I love Jordan's bluntness is Jordan's Messyges xD

      Thanks for commenting, Shar!

  2. Good for you!!! *hugs* you accomplished so much this summer!! 😮 I did... And I didn't. I did a lot more than I realize, I think.
    Hey, I'm learning Spanish too!
    School starts on the 6th for me. Good luck on your classes!

    1. Oy, Hola que tal?

      Hey, How was/is school so far? Will you write a blog post about it?

      Good luck on your classes, too!

  3. Messy Mondays for the win!!! *fits bumps*

    Sounds like you did pretty well this season--html and bloggy stuff can be really time consuming! I don't really want to talk about my summer goals, lol, but I did finally launch my editing business, so I guess that's progress. :)

    And "because it's Nigerian" is totally a legit reason. Also, good luck in all of your classes! Praying the bullies leave you alone, and you make some new friends instead. :D

    Also, I mentioned you in my Blogging Community Tag! Don't feel obligated to do it, but if you want to, here is the link :)


    1. Messy Mondayss (and Jordan's messyges of course ;P) Don't be messy... and leave free sugar free cake for Grace because she needs it. Yeah

      I'm flattered that you think I actually did well.

      Thank you and I hope they leave me alone too.

  4. Grace, why would you brag about eating pizza? That's just cruel. CRUEL I TELL YOU.

    Good luck with your driving and stuff. (And hey, who needs to practice piano anyways? (Says the girl who never practiced and now can't play anything more than Twinkle.)) Good luck with school!

    1. The pizza was really good ;) (Okay, it wasn't perfect since I made it but it was decent, decent I tell you!)

      Ugh, I think I might end up driving next year, now :( At least I'm reading the driving manual now.

      I'll need all the luck I can get. Thank you! <3


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