Writing: Back at it Again

November 04, 2016

What's this, a writing post?


Yes, yes it is. I'm definitely not known for my writing posts on this blog. Not that anyone cares.

Recently, I've been writing a bit for my story. Though, I haven't really written anything fresh, but it was good to write something again.

Basically, I have decided to continue re-writing the chapters of my story into my copy/notebook/whatever-you-call-it.

You might wonder, "Why don't you just flippin' type it up, Grace?"

It's because I gotta be consistent, man. I need to finish what I started. I want to have as much of it as possible into my copy because I have a slight fear of computers deleting stuff. During my active Wattpad days, my Watty buddy revealed that her computer crashed and it wiped away all of her stories. All, people. However, that was quite a while ago and I should be over it but I still have a slight lingering fear. This year (or last?) I wrote a story. An almost-love story (because I can't write about love. And I won't unless I experience it for myself) and one day the computer in the house started acting weirdly so I had no choice but to wipe out everything. And yeah, that story was wiped out as well #yaay


I should have saved it as a file on Wattpad first! *face palms* Ah, well. I can't bring it back.

Anyway, after I finish re-writing this story and writing fresh material for it, I'll do the same for my incomplete Mystery/Thriller and the same for the story I wrote for a class project when I was in 6th class (grade) and a-series-I-promised-to-write-for-a-long-time-but-won't-now-because-I've-outgrown-it, okay?

Well, despite the randomness, I just wanted to say that I'm glad I'm writing again. Re-writing can be unnecessarily boring but at least I like my story again. So I need to write faster lest I grow bored of it again. And growing bored of it would suck because this story is supposed to feature a protagonist that is the closest version to me than any other of my protagonists. Which will be hard because it'll reveal a lot about me *gulps* and I'm always hesistant, you know? Some might even say I'm Somewhat Reserved but what would they know? Psh.

Well, I guess I must end this now or else you'll grow tired of me. I'll improve on my updates, I promise!


One quick question: Do you get emails when I reply to your comments?

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  1. I'm glad you're writing, Grace! I'm sort of writing. I've got a bit of a novel goin, but it is early days still. Your story sounds cool:). I am so with you on not writing about love until I fall in love for myself. It just makes sense to me, somehow. My story is about a girl who is not good at socialising and has some passions and a lot of anxiety and lives in Thailand and has a lot of siblings. (so only slightly autobiographical). Also, your picture for this post was lovely.

    1. Nah, my story isn't as good as I intended it to be now xD

      Ah, your story sounds familiar. Is the girl biracial? That sounds like a pretty cool and adventurous story ^^

      Thank you <3

  2. I'm glad you're back to writing! *flails* I have a fear of losing my stuff due to stupid computers too, so I have this backup email where I send stuff to just to have a copy somewhere. I think handwriting my stories would drive me insane.

    The great thing about writing about yourself is you don't have to share it if you don't want to, which is always nice :) It can be scary, though.

    (And yes, I get emails when you reply if I hit the "notify me".)

    1. I think I should try the sending stuff to email thing. Awesome tip, by the way.

      It's really scary XD

      (thanks for answering)


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