Four Awesome Asian YouTubers

December 27, 2016

Hello all! If you remember my post from my last YouTuber recommendations, you'll know that I've promised to make more recommendations for people of different races. This is not to separate people by race, but to make them aware of their fellow POCs in the YouTube Community.


1. ilikeAlison


Also known as 'Meme Queen', Alison is an Asian-American in her 20s who makes comedy videos, serious talks about being Asian, feminism, introversion and more. She is absolutely sweet and lovely. Yes, her humour is not always 100% clean but if you like funny, intelligent YouTubers, Alison might be the one for you.

2. JoshHasTime


Josh, one of Alison's best friends, is a pretty funny guy. Unfortunately, he doesn't really make YouTube videos that often so you would have to cry and reflect on life once he finally uploads. His humour varies between videos, sometimes clean, sometimes not. But seriously, you should probably check out his videos, after all, he has plenty of words of wisdom.

3. JeffreyFever


I really adore Jeffrey! His videos are super fun and also he's Trilingual, so I'm basically automatically jealous of him since being Trilingual is one of my life goals. He's a super nice person who finds time to interact with his subscribers despite his constantly growing channel.

P.S. Jeffrey Chang isn't going to make anymore videos because he's pursuing singing but he said he'll keep his videos on his channel.

4. zgrockergirl


Roma is a pretty awkward, pretty intriguing person. Refers to herself as a 'cool internet loser'. Relatable person. You might want to subscribe (but she doesn't make videos often).

So that's all. The list's short because most of the YouTubers I'm subscribed to don't really upload anymore :(

Do you know any Asian Youtubers? I'll be accepting recommendations! 

2nd last post of the year... I think!

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  1. I think it's really cool that one of your life goals is to be trilingual :) And if I'm ever in need of more youtubers to watch (spoiler I'm not, but youtube is life), I might check out some of these ones.

    1. Ah, thank you. My parents are actually trilingual but only thought me English so I wanna make it my job to learn two more! :P

      Ah, that's cool B)


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