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December 21, 2016

Long time, no see everyone. I was tagged by both awesome Alexa and the sassy Shar.

I know, I am way overdue for this tag but now I'm finally doing this... let's get this done... Yeah...

Not the best graphic but haha, poor book :(

An Over hyped Book

Situation: You are in a bookstore when the zombies attack. Over the loudspeaker, you hear the military informing you that over hyped books are the zombies' only weakness. What over hyped book will you chuck at the zombies?

Image result for the maze runner

Uh huh. My brothers have been whinging about me not reading this book because I'd get mad if they said spoilers around me. Honestly, I recommended it to them first but didn't read it because I didn't have much access to the library so they read it before me. They recommended it to me. It was so boring and didn't explain but I gave it about three stars on Goodreads? I wouldn't buy it, though.

A Sequel

Situation: You are caught in a torrential downpour and you're probably the type who melts when you get wet. What sequel are you willing to use as an umbrella to protect yourself?

Image result for how hard can love be

What happened to Amber seriously? The sensible Amber in the first book changed. A lot. And that ending was annoying.

A classic

Situation: You're in English class and your professor won't stop going on about a classic that 'revolutionised literature'. Personally, you think that classic is garbage and you decide to express your opposing opinion by hurling the book at his head? What classic is that? 

Image result for good wives louisa may alcott

2nd volume of little women (Good Wives). Honestly, I wanted to pick The Great Gatsby at first but didn't actually dislike it, all the characters were rubbish, including Nick Carraway but they were hilarious and the story was well written.

Now, for Good Wives. I have read Little Women and I enjoyed it very much so. I read Good Wives and I really disliked it. I mean come on, I don't like clichés, but the fact that (Spoiler: Laurie ended up with Amy? My least favourite and worst character? The very annoying Amy that is very materialistic but is unfortunately quite meretricious. The brat that kept misusing her (rather simple) words (samphire instead of vampire, really? Just use words you understand!)? You can tell that I really dislike Amy. Also, when Jo married Baher or whoever that old guy is... I lost the plot. Usually, I make myself finish series but heck no to this!)

A Least Favourite Book

Situation: You're hanging out at a bookstore (where else would you be?) when global warming somehow manages to turn the whole world into a frozen wasteland. Naturally, your only hope of survival is to burn a book. Which book would you not regret tossing onto the fire?

Image result for away laughing on a fast camel

I will literally fight anyone if they try to buy or lend this book (or others in the series though I have just read this) to me.
 1. The 'slang' she uses is stupid, 2. She is stupid, 3. Her little sister (younger than ten years old) once ran around her house, proclaiming that she's a 'sex bum'. Excuse me, but you must have a seriously messed up family if a little girl can utter such words out of her mouth. 4. Everyone seems to think this series is funny. How is it funny? (I seem like a really humourless old codger, I know but I have so many issues with this book.)

A Series

Situation: There's a flooded stream you have to cross on your quest, and you can't get your feet wet. Which series (oh yeah btw you brought your whole bookshelf and also probably your local library with you) will you use as stepping stones?

Image result for two of a kind books

Honestly, I enjoyed this as a kid but they weren't really 'proper' books, ya know? And it was either this or Sleepover girls and I would never do that to Kenny!

Heck yeah, Kenny!


Welp guys, these are my only rules: If you wanna do it, do it! I have no idea who to tag.

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  1. Oooooh thanks for doing the tag! You clearly have some bookish anger in you-it's good to let it all out :P I think I started reading the Two of a Kind books when I was younger? I never finished because such. crap. really. I've read a few of the Louise Rennison books you mentioned. They're stupid, the character is stupid and needy and stupid but.... it was also pretty funny. That said, a funny book that doesn't say anything about the world or have any proper conflict is pointless, but I did still enjoy them (it's a guilty pleasure). I liked Little Women but Amy was a complete idiot, if I remember correctly. And I haven't read Good Wives *shrugs* My sister just finished the Holly Bourne series and she definitely liked the first one... anyway, wonderful post :)

    1. YEAH. I'M ANGRYYY :P Whaat? You must have been way better than me at analysing bookish faults because I just read whatever children's book as a child.

      Aha! (yeah, we all have guilty pleasures from time to time :P)

      My favourite character was Jo (I am a mixture of Jo and Beth).

      Thanks very much!

  2. The volume of Little Women I read contains both the first and second book, but you know what, if I'd thought of the two as separate stories, I might've used this one for the tag too. Because I love the first Little Women, but I hate so many things about the second one ESPECIALLY Laurie ending up with Amy. Like UGHHHH. WHY.
    There are some good parts to the book, but that especially just really irks me. Cuz it makes no sense.

    Thanks for doing the tag! I haven't read most of these, but I enjoyed reading your thoughts on them. :)


    1. I KNOOW. Why, Laurie, why?

      Oh, why thank you. And Happy New Year!

  3. I haven't read the vast majority of these books, but WHY DIDN'T YOU LIKE THE MAZE RUNNER??? *sobs in a dark corner somewhere* But that's alright. *sniffs* We can still be friends. *sniffs again* Although I do like that you're willing to fight someone so they don't read a bad book. That's the true sign of a good bookworm :)

    1. It just bored me so much and the female characters were the worst, except for the two in the Scorch Trials (not Brenda or Teresa). And I just couldn't bear it anymooore. I'm sorry xD Yes, we CAN still be friends ;)

      Yeah. Gotta fight for justice!

  4. Finally, someone who doesn't think The Maze Runner is amazing! It wasn't well-written (I cringed so much reading it), characters were boring, and the plot was weak. It was an interesting premise and yet it wasn't developed into a proper story. I haven't read any of the other books on this list, but I am pretty sure that I would have no trouble destroying them. I can be absolutely brutal when it comes to picking apart books. All I am asking for is total perfection; that's reasonable, right?
    I really enjoyed this post! It's nice to know that I'm not the only persnickety bookworm out there.


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