How Fast do you Rate your Books?

February 16, 2017

I am back! I'm going to do something different for once! A discussion! I've always been afraid of doing this because I always felt they would be too short or boring or whatever. But you know what, Imma wing it!

To be honest, this was inspired by this video by iLivieforbooks. She listed some other videos in her description box as well. 

Just in case you're not going to watch this video (I hope I'm not spoiling much by writing this), Olivia mentioned how a four star rating for one book was not the same for another one. I found that to be so true! For example, I rated One and Geek Girl: Head Over Heels four stars. However, I know that it was way easier to rate Geek Girl four stars because I really enjoyed it and it gave me that satisfied feeling I get whenever I finish a good quality book. Have you ever read a four star worthy book and after getting hit by the feels, you feel like-

Everyone knows that feeling, right?

But you see, I gave One four stars. However, I was really reluctant to give it four stars. I felt that I should've given it four stars on Goodreads but 3.5 stars as it actual rating. The reason why I gave it four stars was because it was really different, I liked some of the characters and also because I found it easy to get through it. I might change the rating one day, who knows? I plan on buying it and if I manage to do so, my rating may change based on my experience.

I also remember deciding to rate a book 3.5 but then I went on Goodreads and saw that one of my GR friends rated the same book three stars so I was silently grateful for the person and I finally rated it three stars.

Now for the next question: How fast do you rate a book?

Before anyone dismisses this as a stupid question, what I mean is: Have you ever been half way through a book a thought "This is a 3.5 star book." or "This is a four star book" and turn out to be right? Maybe you changed your mind after a few more pages. This was the same case for Cinder. I originally thought it would be a 3.5 star book and then I read some dramatic parts and thought, "Dang, this is actually a four star read!"

When rating books I'm not so fond of (like anything below three stars) though, I usually need to read the entire book and finish writing my entire review before I unleash my wrath.

angry attack icarly


So that was my first discussion! Woo! I hope you guys enjoyed that. I enjoyed it... kinda.

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  1. Do more discussions! I really liked this!
    I often 'star' a book before finishing it, but I withhold my final judgment until I'm sure. I don't think I star unbiasedly--I can give two four stars to two different book and objectively say one was definitely better. I think it's something to do with the fact that my star rating can come from different things --the quality of the writing, how much I enjoyed it, etc. And so if I enjoyed a badly written book, I can give it say 3 stars, and then I might not enjoy a really good book as much but still give it 3 stars.
    And sometimes I know I'm enjoying a book immediately, and sometimes it takes me longer... if that makes any sense.

    1. Thanks! <3

      True, it all depends on the reading experience xD

      Do you mean that you'd purposely take longer to read a book you'd enjoy?


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