April! April! April! (I'm late, but forgive me)

April 16, 2017

Um... hi.

In my last post, I promised to explain why I went on a random hiatus. And then I went on another one. Oops.

The main reason was because I fell into a slump. Basically. A bookish one and I guess a life one?

I guess you wouldn't know this unless you follow me on Twitter (or maybe you still might not know as I didn't mention it too often) but I did work experience in a charity shop for ten days! 

I found it quite easy and was happy that nothing really triggered my social anxiety even when many customers filled the store. Then again, it's a charity shop... not very big 😭

The down side was that because there were a lot of volunteers, there wasn't much work so I  spent a lot of time pretending that I was busy. The upside was that there was a very nice looking bookshelf that contained a lot of books that were waiting for me to buy them. At first, I thought I wouldn't get any because I'm a snob when it comes to second hand books. I had to check them all thoroughly for stains. Some even looked new so that made me a little happy. I got most for one euro and some for fifty cents (some volunteers decided to give me a discount because they love me. I'm quite lovable despite what the haters say. okay the haters may not be existent but that proves my point. alright!). 

Reactions smile glee excited smiling GIF

And now I shall reveal the books I got!

I know Why the Caged Bird Sings - Maya Angelou (yesss)

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland - Lewis Carroll

I am Malala - Malala Yousafzai (yaas)

The Ice Twins - S.K. Tremayne

The Goldfinch - Donna Tartt

And also Life of Pi. 

I got The Ice Twins because I realised I don't read much mystery/thrillers.

Also, I haven't been reading much lately. It took me a week+ to finish Six of Crows and the same was for Crooked Kingdom. Ugh, but thankfully I got to read a contemporary afterwards and that was quite quick. I guess I'm out of the slump!

I'm also hoping to get a job and driving licence. Let's see what will happen...

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  1. happy (late) april to you Grace! SECOND HAND BOOKS ARE MY LIFFEEE, but dw i'm picky too, i can't stand ripped pages or a totally shattered spine, i'd rather do that stuff myself :P annnddd MAYA ANGELOU, she's one of my idols, she's such an inspiration to all young women and always blows me away with her writing :D lovely haul!

    ~ noor

    1. Really? I can't wait to read the book!

      Thank you, Noor!

  2. Well done for surviving work in a charity shop! Also I thought I Am Malala was really good, although I haven't read the others. Second hand books are the BEST because cheap. I've also been in a slump because schooooollllll and I've only read 4 books this month. The only one I read quickly (in 1 day; it was short) was Good Enough, a fluffy contemporary. Good luck with getting a job! I got a learner's licence last time I was in New Zealand but since my family doesn't have a car it didn't do much and I only had one driving lesson and almost crashed. # fun story

    1. Yay *bows*

      I hope you have recovered from your slump!

      Lucky you (except for the crashing part, xD)

  3. Work experience in the charity shop sounds cool! I would probably be like you if I was there, and end up ravaging the book section for YA. :) I am Malala was quite an interesting read, but I feel I would have enjoyed it more if there wasn't so much history. Hopefully you enjoy it!

    1. Haha, that's interesting ^^

      I hope I enjoy it too!

      Thanks for commenting!

  4. Nice book haul you managed to pick up! I absolutely loved the Goldfinch, although it did take me a long while to read. My copy of the book has shakespeare's stamp inside because I got it in Paris in Shakespeare and Co Bookshop. I really want to read I am Malala.
    I hope you enjoy all these books!! ^_^

    1. I really hope so!

      Hopefully I like Goldfinch as well!

      Thanks and me too!


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