Making Blogger Friends (It's Easy?)

April 25, 2017

In all honesty, I just wanted to make a gosh darn book review. Maybe later, huh?

So whenever you're reading this post, you're probably expecting me to reveal all the tips and secrets for making friends within the blogosphere, aren't you? Aren't you?!

Well... you might have guessed at this point that I won't be doing that. At all.

Technically, the title wasn't click bait. Originally, I wanted to name it: Making Blogger Friends (It's Easier Than I Thought!) before remembering that 1. This isn't YouTube and 2. There's a fine line between being silly/dorky and just being annoying. I don't want anyone to virtually slap me, okay?

Not. Today. Satan.

Now, that I have revealed my true intentions for creating this post, HOW DOES ONE MAKE FRIENDS IN THE BLOGOSPHERE, HOW?!

I say this because I'm not sure if anyone considers me as their blogger friend. I don't know if anyone even wants to befriend me. And how do you ask people if you want to be friends?

Me: Hey there, I wanna be friends


*cringes the moment message is sent*

If I sent a message like that, I'd be filled with so many thoughts such as:

"What if they just don't like me?"

"What if they think I'm insincere and disingenuous?"

"What if we become friends for about 2 months and ignore each other shortly afterwards?"  

"Who even has anything in common with me, anyways?"

The last one is often a worry to me because... it's kinda true. Now hold up... I don't mean that in the most literal sense. After all, we're all bookworms. We all like books at least. However, I'm really picky and bitter when it comes to seeing romance in books 😂 I give Negative Nancy a run for her money! Who is she when Gloomy Grace is in your area? That should be my trademark? Pseudonym? I should use it more often. It fits me quite well.

Also, I'm not really in any book fandoms (maybe Geek Girl? but I don't know many people who fangirl about it as much as I do). I liked the first Lunar Chronicles book: Cinder (need to get that review up soon as well) so perhaps I'll like that series as well. And everyone else likes Hamilton, Superheroes, latest movies/shows that are out and I'm like...

"... I like Korean entertainment. Yeah.."

And then everyone would laugh and tell me how lame I am and all this is only in my head of course. (what was that sentence)

I also like to learn languages. I have mentioned that I'm learning Spanish and Korean in so many posts, it must get on someone's nerves by now. And I don't bump into many Spanish and Korean language learners. I have definitely found Spanish bloggers but not really any that read a lot of books I read, you know? And I know beggars can't be choosers but I just zone out whenever I see an entire website entirely in Spanish/Korean. It's intimidating! I will try to push myself, though.


And now, for you guys: how do you make blogger friends and what makes you want to become friends with a certain blogger? What draws you to them?

Do you have any tips for me to make friends?

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  1. I think you're my blogging friend! Even though we don't read all the same books I think we have similar tastes and I enjoy reading your posts and reviews and also YOU LIKE CINDER so basically YASS and also you're like the only blogger I know who's read The Spinster Club series, which I really like. I guess I sometimes feel like I have to read/watch things other people are read/watching to be a good blogger but that's not really true. And with blogging, you can still be friends even if you're not 100% the same.
    I like bloggers who write interesting, engaging posts, who seem quirky and inters tin, and who I think will give book recommendations, and who is quirky or interesting. And as for making friends and how... just spam them with comments and then you kind of get to know each other.

    1. Aw, thanks Shar!

      I guess we do have similar tastes. Sometimes I get caught up with feeling like an odd duck xD That's true! We can be different xD

      I like those kinds of bloggers as well :)

      Okay, nice tip xD

  2. I think making blogging friends is a bit like making friends in real life. Like you're not going to walk up to a randomer and ask if they would like to be friends. It's about getting to know someone over time and turning out to like that person for who they are. Whether we have the same interests or are total opposites of the spectrum there's always the opportunity to become friends. I like to think I have many friends through blogging, but all on different levels of a friendship. I think chatting on twitter and following each other on pinterest/instagram is great way to get to know the person outside of their blog. A blog is a very controlled space and may not show all sides to a person. Other social medias are much more relaxed and a great environment to chat!
    - Marian ^_^

    1. Thanks for the advice Marian! <3 I'll consider this when trying to make friends.

  3. Honestly, if you want to make blogging friends specifically, comment on other peoples' blogs. I'm twice as likely to read someone's blog if I consider them a blogging friend which means we comment on each others' blogs and have actual conversation. There's a few blogs I check out sometimes if I see an interesting sounding post, but then I have my special list of blogs I make sure to check every week that I consider blogging friends. To be entirely frank, if I follow a blog for a few months and they haven't replied to my comments on their posts once or commented on my blog as well, I'll most likely unfollow them. I don't like one sided friendships even in the blogging world.

    1. *gulps* I feel a bit guilty about that. Sorry!

      But I'm always a bit confused about blogging friends. Does it mean commenting on other people's blogs? I guess that makes sense.

      Thanks for the input!

  4. Hahaha Grace, you're wonderful, don't ever forget it :) I dunno, blogging friends are weird. It's kinda like hey! I like books, you like books, we all like books, let's be friends! Heather calls her blogging friends neighbours, which is also kinda true but I like to go around sprinkling glitter through the woods and calling everyone my bestie. So. There's that. I think it's just kinda a slow relationship thing that has to build over time.

    1. Am I? xD

      Ah... I see. So time will tell if someone becomes your blogging friend I guess?

  5. Heh, how to make blogging friends... I don't know. I guess I consider blogging friends to be the people who I interact with a lot, they comment on my blog and I comment on theirs (which would make you a great blogger friend and me a bad one. :p Sorry about that!).

    As far as having things in common, I think there is definitely an element of that that's important in a friendship. But at the same time, especially online, sometimes being friends with people who don't have the same interests as you expands your horizons a little. For instance, I hadn't heard of several of the books you've reviewed, but after reading your reviews, I added them to my never-ending TBR. ;)

    Keep being a little different, Grace. You're exactly the way all your blogger friends like you. <3


    1. It's okay. You also seem really busy anyway :P

      It's true. I now want to try out more Fantasy books because I haven't really found many that I like. So I'll look out for different kinds of recommendations.

      Thank you so much! <3 <3


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