A Quiet Kind of Thunder

June 11, 2017

Author: Sara Barnard

Genre: UKYA, Romance, Contemporary, Mental Health

Blurb: Steffi doesn't talk. Rhys can't hear. They understand each other perfectly.

Love isn't always a lightening strike. Sometimes it's the rumbling roll of thunder...

I thought this was a ruddy good book. I actually enjoyed this despite it being a romance.

When Steffi and Rhys (by the way, is it pronounced 'rice' or reese'?) got together, I was actually surprised that I actually approved of their relationship. There was no insta-lust in this novel. Their relationship was quite cute with them using sign language and being lost in their own world.

Popcorn. The way he put up his finger as his face pinged like a microwave. He's so adorable. Oh God, I think I love him.
A bit of an exaggeration, Steffi, but I get what you mean.

 I didn't even feel like vomiting (okay, there was that one scene that I did not enjoy at all but whatever at least it was only once).  
Okay slight confession but I was kinda hoping that they would break up in the end because I'm a bitter person of course but I wasn't really disappointed when they made up. At least they resolved things after their fight, right?>
As for the friendship! Tem and Steffi were #friendshipgoals (I wonder how long this term will last). I can boldly say that I like Tem a lot more, though (though I wish her name was short for Temitope instead of September). She was a lot more than the loud friendly person who would dare to speak to quiet people. She felt real. I connected with her a bit more because we have some similarities apart from being black and having natural hair. (Also, what kind of hair did she have?  Type 3 or Type 4 (mine) here and also here ?). However, she did make a comment about getting diabetes from Steffi and Rhys being lovey dovey around each other but I'll let that go because nobody's perfect, you know?

nostalgia, people

 I liked Steffi (definitely a lot more than the main character of Beautiful, Broken Things *rolls eyes*). I worried at first that she would be boring because enough people think that we people with selective mutism are really dry. Thank you Sara Barnard for breaking that stereotype in this book! I liked the accurate portrayal of selective mutism. Steffi definitely has it worse than me :( but I could relate to her all the same.

I'm mostly fine when it's one on one, but if there's a group I find it almost impossible to say anything out loud. A lot of that is because I can't insert myself into conversations, I literally don't know how

I appreciated the inclusion of a more conservative worldview to remind people out there that yes, some teenagers do think like this as well.

...Temi likes boys. She likes flirting and kissing and falling in love. But sex, she insists, is not an option until marriage. Most people don't believe her when she says this - "People still do that?" is a common response- but the mix of Christian commitment and Tem stubbornness is potent.

I liked Steffi's father. He was pretty cool. I'm glad he knew uni isn't everything.

"There's no shame in not going to university. It's a good thing to consider alternatives."

And the last of the positive stuff: Steffi didn't get drunk at the party she went to and the twists in the book were great.

*Gloomy Grace makes an appearance*

So... Rhys has abs. That's kinda annoying because a lot of boys in real life don't have abs but book boyfriends do. A lot of YA book boyfriends are perfect while the girl is an absolute pain in comparison. I just want a more even balance, you know?

I also wished there was a little less romance and more Meg. It would've been a bit nicer if she had more appearances. I really liked the platonic relationship between her and Rhys!

Recommendation: 16+

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  1. This sounds really good! So Rhys (I think it's pronounced reese btw) is Deaf and Steffi has selective mutism? I also get kind of frustrated that most book characters don't see the point of not having sex until marriage. It's just a good idea, you know? Like 'People still do that?' is a kind of dumb response.
    Also WHY DO SO MANY BOOK BOYS HAVE ABS? Not only does it make girls have unrealistic expectations for boys in real life, I imagine it also makes boys feel pressure to have a *good body*, whatever that means. yeah *sighs*

    1. Thanks for giving the pronunciation!

      I know. Such a dumb response :(

      *sighs with you*

  2. Hmm... an interesting story. I'm not much into romance, but your thoughts on similarities you might share with the protagonists. It was also interesting to hear about the selective mutism and deafness... I've not heard of a book like that before. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Same but I would definitely recommend this for people who don't usually like romance.

      Yeah, it's super unique! Thanks for commenting!

  3. This book sounds super good! (And I think it's "Reece"?) Hahaha yes, we need to keep #friendshipgoals alive and well.

    1. Thank you! But I feel that that's such a weird spelling :O

      Friendship goals will always be necessary! xD


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