Absolute Laziness

June 24, 2017

This title is pretty relatable for many.

You see, I've actually been posting a lot more in comparison to last month (1 post), April (2), and March (1). Of course, in April I hit this this massive slump but last month? Heck, no. That was purely a result of my laziness. I just didn't feel like posting a book review because I didn't want to clog people's inboxes, I was afraid I didn't have much time, I went out, bla, bla, bla. None of those excuses were proper excuses. Sometimes I just seem to forget that...

This is my freaking blog. I can post whatever the heck I want whenever I want. This blog isn't limited to book reviews. I can write whatever I see fit. But sometimes I have petty fears that I won't write something interesting. I seem to also forget that...

It doesn't freaking matter if it's 'boring'. As long as I write what's on my mind and I write it genuinely, it's perfectly okay. It doesn't matter if my posts aren't flooded with fancy words (not that I don't know big words. It's just that they seem to fly away when I want to be eloquent. Except when I write emails to teachers. Then I'm super fancy) or  exciting expeditions. I just need to write what's on my mind (fun fact: the first blog I wrote had the title: 'What's On My Mind...') and that ought to be sufficient, write? (yes, pun intended. You mad, bro?)

All of this applies to my story writing as well. I mean, I started bullet journalling so that I would do a bunch of short goals that would eventually form a long goal. I started a story when I was 15 and hit a somewhat significant writing slump. I also grew less interested in Wattpad.  I haven't written stories consistently for a long time. Nowadays, I want to start writing and reading more on days like Monday and Sunday (maybe even Wednesday!) and more YouTube on other days. However, YouTube pulls me in like some sort of cruel snare, promising me productivity in disguise of procrastination.

Another thing that contributes is that I can barely get bored these days. If I don't like YouTube, I can switch to kdramas and vice versa. If I don't like certain videos, I can move to videos in another language and even BookTube videos (I never knew I would actually get into BookTube 😂). (Heck, sometimes I even procrastinate with YouTube videos, promising to watch this one later and at the same time getting enticed by newer videos. I don't even know how many videos are on my Watch Later playlist. I was planning on reducing it, actually. Shame on me.) Because of this, I might even not bother to check out blog posts when I'm perfectly able. This also gets in the way of my writing as I have already mentioned above. 

Also, I want to try new things on my blog like more Discussions and even posts in Spanish! However, I'm always scared of writing in Spanish. It wouldn't hurt me, though 😂 Maybe I would translate it as well. Brief Intermission: Have you ever seen your stats and it turns out that people from all these foreign countries (like India and Spain) read your blog but for some reason, they don't comment? Sometimes I wonder if it's spam because I clicked on a random link and I saw things I didn't want to see *shudders* End of Intermission.

It's not that I enjoy or am really comfortable being lazy... I just want to do productive stuff just like the next person. I see all these musicians and fellow bloggers who work super hard, whether it be producing their own music and sometimes creating the choreography as well. Authors who published their books at age 17/18. It's not that I wanted to get published at that age but with these examples, I can see that it's possible. You can do almost anything if you put your mind to it (come on, there are certain things that are impossible but even so, the possibilities are pretty broad). You just need to be consistent, gosh darn it!

And I'm trying... I can do a much better job but slowly and surely I can do it. I can and maybe will stop being lazy! I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me! 

I really hope I listen to my own advice...



So guys, how did you find this post? You probably missed Gloomy Grace, didn't you? ;)

Also, how do you combat laziness? If you're not lazy, how do you prevent it? 

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  1. *applauds long and loud* This. Exactly this. I've had all these fears with my blog, but I've come to decide for Summer Snowflakes and Verbosity that it doesn't matter. They're my blogs and I'll post whatever I darn well please.

    And the YouTube thing. Gosh, yes. I literally have 1000 videos on my Watch Later list. Like the actual number is a thousand-something. It's so bad. :p There's so many distractions, and it's so easy to get pulled in with procrastination and "busyness..." *sigh* But I too am trying to get better at this. :)

    Interestingly enough, my problem is generally more of not knowing when to rest. I keep myself "busy" a lot by keeping to a pretty good schedule, but I have a big problem prioritizing: I'll spend a ton of time on one thing, and let other things completely fall to the side. I did this with blogging and let my writing fall to the side, and now I'm doing it with writing and letting my blogging fall to the side. :p I don't know. For me, it's about finding a way to balance EVERYTHING that I want to do, when there's always new things popping up. But like you said, we can do all things through Christ, including beat laziness and properly prioritizing life.


    1. Yes! We can do whatever we want!

      The Watch Later list is a burden :(

      I wish the balance was easy to achieve! :P I also let my writing fall to the side. My worst idea :(

  2. This is a really good post! Sometimes I feel so much pressure about what to blog, but I have to remember I can do what I want because this is MY blog (not Somewhat Reserved, I mean virtually read).
    I don't really watch YouTube? I enjoy it but for some reason I just don't really do it. I'm more of a all or nothing girl, meaning I either binge youtube, or normally don't watch anything.
    I guess I combat laziness by having to-do lists either on paper or on my head because they motivate me and I also try to reward myself for doing the stuff I need to do with something I want to do (e.g 'if you practice flute you can read a chapter!' It doesn't alway work because sometimes I just keep reading). Anyway, nice post!

    1. Thank you!

      I sometimes wish I wasn't as into YouTube as I am but what can I do?

      These were good tips! I guess I should pay more attention to my bullet journal!


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