May Updates

June 08, 2017

It's been a while since I've made a wrap-upish kind of post.

I've been pretty lazy and also busy which is such a weird combination for me.

I was much happier with myself because I finished 6 books last month which is the most I've finished in some months. I haven't felt the need to read these days because a lot of the books I've read haven't lived up to my expectations and it honestly drains the energy out of me. Hopefully the next books I read will be much more interesting. 


Also, I actually moved house last month in the space of a few days. I have very few bookshelves so I have to put all my books into a cardboard box. It's really disappointing :(

I've learned more Korean and also used the website Linguti to help me. The only problem is the site is pretty slow. Also, I'm trying to watch some Spanish YouTubers because I've slacked off with Spanish.

This week, my mum told me that my cousins both have jobs so I decided that I really need to get one soon.

me on a mission to grab a job except I'm not a man but shh

 I've also lost a lot of motivation to drive. I don't know where it went! I still want to drive but I don't know when I actually will. 

Also, I haven't written a lot.


Also, I just feel pretty bitter these days. I just hate people sometimes.


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  1. Uggh moving sucks. It's too bad you have to keep your books in a box! :(
    Yeah, I really need to get a job, too. I just applied to my local grocery store. *fingers crossed* I hope I get it! I'd really like to make some cash this summer.

    I know what you mean about being annoyed with people. *hugs* Hopefully June is a better month *more hugs*

    1. I know :(

      I hope you get it! Get it before the others do!

      *hugs back* I hope so, too!

  2. Good luck with finding a job! I finished high school and have 8 months or so before university so right now I'm on holiday but I'm also going to be doing some internships and also I'm travelling to Europe so that should be fun! (I hope) (I'm kind of scared) (anyway). I'm basically avoiding the majority of my former classmates because I just don't like them. Hopefully university will have more nice people.

    1. Thank you!

      I bet it's going to be super fun!

      Whoa, bad classmates as well?

      I hope the same as well.

  3. Aww, I know what you mean about books disappointing you and having to keep all the books you actually like in boxes after a move. My move was in February, and I still haven't been able to find room for most of them. :/ *sigh* It's annoying to say the least.

    Good luck finding a job (very cool gif, btw), writing more, and those good vibes. People can be difficult sometimes, but there's always a light we can shine. <3


    1. Having no shelves is so disappointing! Especially when you keep acquiring more books!

      Thank you!

      I guess it's not really people's fault, sometimes. Sometimes I'm just bitter :(

      Thank you for your encouraging words!


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