A Letter to my 20 year old self

July 18, 2017

I got this idea from Nabila (I know she didn't invent it but I definitely wanted to make one after seeing her post.)

So... here comes my most personal post that I've ever written publicly 😂

Dear Grace,

Make sure you don't constantly check back on this post, now. You need it to be somewhat of a surprise when you open it. Also, this isn't the most well structured letter you've written but 18 YEAR OLD GRACE DIDN'T GIVE ANY CARES, OKAY?!

You were eighteen when you posted this letter. You are twenty now. That really isn't much of an age difference but hopefully you have matured a lot more (shame on you if you haven't 😝).

How are you? Did you get the glo up you were looking for? Are you still as anxious? Do you have more friends now  (internet and in Ireland)? Are you less bitter? Do you like Fantasy books now? Have you read a lot of enjoyable books? Do you have any new favourite authors now? (Holly Smale and Harper Lee were basically your only favourites when you made this) Do you hate romance as much as you used to? If you have turned into a sucker for romance you better give a good reason. Seriously. Currently, you only care about the romance in K-dramas, though you only really liked the romance in Cinderella and the Four Knights.

Speaking about romance, do you have a (real life) crush now? Have you actually managed to find a boy that qualifies as 'crush material' (and also, do you still have the same celebrity crush that you had back in 2015 and even 2017? Hint: Ji Ho (Gentleman) from Shib Chil (I hope you get the reference, Grace >.<). Has your taste in boys changed? If so, I hope it hasn't changed too much. You had (probably still have) really good taste. In case you have forgotten, you liked skinny, cute almost 'pretty' boys that were very kind and gentle when you were 18. You didn't really care if they were short, after all, you're pretty short yourself (about 162cm) and you believed that it wouldn't even matter if they were even two inches shorter than you (but if they were any shorter, they could probably be mistaken as your younger brother. JUST SAYING (a phrase that you used to only use passive aggressively on purpose. Do you still do that now?))

Also, do you have a boyfriend now? If so, then shoot, that would be a plot twist O.o

Have you finished that story you made that was based on your Junior Certificate experience? If not, you should probably give up writing it now. Seriously. And I hope you have won a writing contest. If not, that's okay. Have you participated in NaNoWriMo yet?

I also hope you've read some books by some bloggers, Grace!

I hope you're much better at Spanish and Korean. You should be able to write Korean sentences well by now! Also, have you started learning Mandarin yet? You were super interested in it when you were 18.

Do you know how to drive now? You really should...

I also hope you're in college by now. I hope you're enjoying your subjects.

You should also know how to cook jollof rice. Come on, Grace...

How's your Christian life going? 18 year old Grace struggled a lot. 

I hope you have a lot more clothes now and are more bold to walk out in anything you want.

I hope you are taking care of yourself and others. Platonic affection is so important!

I hope you're still not afraid of having unpopular opinions sometimes.

Remember to read this, okay? Also, reply to all the questions, okay?

And lastly, don't cry when you read this, you big baby 😝

What did you guys think of this? Would you like to do one yourself?

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  1. This is such a neat idea! I always wonder who my future self is going to be and how I'll change and grow, and also how I will remain the same.
    Great post. Can't wait to see the updated version when you're 20 ;)

    1. Thank you!

      Yeah, I kinda wish I made one for myself before I turned 18 :( At least I have old stories that showed how my mind used to work xD

      Thank you! And I also hope to see more of your posts!

  2. Now I really want to do one for myself! My life is going to change a lot in the next year (I'm starting university in a different country) and I think it would be fun. But I might write one to my younger self first <3 (P.S I bet you have great taste in boys. Honestly there were almost no boys at my high school who reached my standards because they all SUCKED) (That being said I did go out with one boy for 5 months but he was different) (then I dumped him) (fun story) (okay enough brackets)

    1. DO IT!

      Are you starting uni in New Zealand? When are you going? Are you ready?

      To your younger self? That's such an interesting concept. Same! I always guarded my heart against boys in my class because only few didn't suck and I only wanted to be friends with them xD It's hard to find guys that are your type! Then again, I need to work on myself and communication skills xD I can't believe you broke a person's heart, Shar. How could you?

      I also have a problem with brackets. I even make brackets inside of brackets xD

  3. Ooh, this was so interesting to read, Grace! Thanks for sharing. I really liked this post. And I think we all hope that as we grow up we become more sensible and self assured and mroe like the person we want to be. I really hope that happens for you <3. I don't know where I"ll be by the time I'm twenty, but hopefully I'll be in a place where I'm learning lots, writing lots, discovering new things, and generally contributing to the wonderful world I live in.

    1. Thank you!

      Same. It would really suck if I barely change xD

      I hope the same for you! Are you also attending uni abroad?

  4. I’m happy you did one Grace! This was so fun to read. :)

  5. This is such a fun idea! I can't do one for my 20 y/o self (bc too late, already am 20) but I'll sure try to do one for my 23y/o self so I can laugh, cringe and cry at my old self! Great letter, hope your future 20y/o self gets touched when she reads this (and hope she remembers about it)!!

    L. @ Reviews by Leeve

    1. Espero que vas a hacerlo! (hopefully that was gramatically correct).

      Thank you.

  6. This is so cool!!! I absolutely love this idea, I've written a couple to myself in a few years as well but they're a bit more private than this lol. This was super fun to read and I hope you enjoy looking back at it in a few years.

    1. It really is!

      I'm glad you've written your own ones. Thanks again!

  7. This is such an interesting idea! I'm only a couple of months from being 20 (AAAAAHHHHH), but maybe I'll write it to my 21-year-old self or something. :) There's just something so intriguing about your future self, haha. I guess it's because, even though she's you, it seems like she'll be a completely different person, and we all hope she'll be a lot better than the one we've got now. :p (though, for the record, I think you're pretty cool now. ;) )

    Sidenote: I like "SKINNY, CUTE ALMOST 'PRETTY' BOYS THAT ARE VERY KIND AND GENTLE" TOO! They're just perfect. <3



      Yeah, that'll still be fun. So true because when I think about the difference between 15 year old me and me now. I've actually matured quite bit!


      Really?! When I read this I was so excited because we have the same taste! :D They're amazing, gosh xD

    2. LOL, nope. I guess that makes me a year older? A year and a half? I turn 20 at the end of October.


      Also, I don't think I've said this, even though it's super late, but I REALLY LOVE YOUR NEW TEMPLATE AND DESIGN. Where'd you get it?

    3. I got my new template from theme xpose but I'm pretty angry that the font is automatically on caps lock. I want to either fix it or get a new theme. (but thank you!)

    4. Ah, yeah. That can be kind of annoying. Looks like you fixed it though!


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