Mini Reseñas: Reads of an Acquired Taste

October 29, 2017

I have returned. 

Optimists Die First - Susin Nielsen


Blurb: Ever since tragedy struck her family, Petula has learned to see danger everywhere - whether it's crossing the road or eating a poached egg. Petula's determined not to let her guard down, even if this means allowing herself to be ruled by anxiety and grief, and losing her best friend.
Then Jacob walks into her therapy group. Strikingly tall and confident, he's survived a different kind of disaster and still came out smiling. At first Petula is repelled by his optimism, yet even she can't deny their chemistry together.
But optimism is blind - and so is love. What will happen if Petula gives in to both?

If your copy had the words 'A love story for cynics' written on the cover, don't believe it. It's bull. If you're as much of a romance cynic as me and you're interested in reading this, don't expect the romance to be good.

At first, I was really into the story. I thought Petula was somewhat hilarious and simply a delight. Well, a pessimistic delight, okay? 

Mr Watley thought for a moment. Then he pointed at a mug on his desk. "Look at that and tell me what you see."
"A half-empty mug of coffee."
"I see a half-full mug of coffee." He smiled triumphantly, like he'd just said something profound.
"And that's why you'll die before I do."
To be honest, I was actually looking forward to the romance. I thought they had some potential chemistry. However, things tumbled down from there.

2.5 stars out of 5

The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender - Leslye Walton

Blurb: Foolish love appears to be a Roux family birthright, and for Ava Lavender, a girl born with wings of a bird, it is key to her inheritance. In a quest to understand her peculiar disposition and a growing desire to fit in with her peers, Ava ventures away from home, ill-prepared for what awaits her in a world that does not know whether to view her as a girl or angel.
Ava's search and her family's saga build to a devastatingly crescendo until, on the summer solstice, the skies open up, rain and feathers fill the air and Ava's fate is revealed.

I felt really irritated while I was reading about the horrible romantic relationships in this book and even questioned why I was reading it until I read the blurb and realised that foolish love was supposed to play a major role in this novel.

 house oops tvshow dr house GIF

Despite the novel's strengths, I felt a little disconnected from the characters and I didn't really have anyone to route for so that is what prevented me from giving it a four star rating.

3.5 stars out of 5

Tiny Pretty Things (Tiny Pretty Things #1) - Sona Charaipotra & Dhonielle Clayton


Blurb: Gigi, Bette, and June, three top students at an exclusive Manhattan ballet school, have seen their fair share of drama. Free-spirited new girl Gigi just wants to dance - but the very act might kill her. Privileged New Yorker Bette's desire to escape the shadow of her ballet star sister brings out a dangerous edge in her. And perfectionist June needs to land a lead role this year or her controlling mother will put an end to her dancing dreams forever. When every dancer is both friend and foe, the girls will sacrifice, manipulate, and backstab to be the best of the best.

One of the thoughts that raced through my head while I was reading this was that this is one of those books that most people will either love or hate.

Personally, I have a sort of love/hate relationship with it. I really enjoyed the writing styles of both authors. They merged together really well.

Unfortunately, there was no character in this book that I liked. Not even the sweetheart Gigi. Honestly, there were times where I felt that she could become my fave, but there just wasn't any reason to like her except for the fact that she was nice.

4 stars out of 5 

There it is! I really hope you guys liked this because this was one of the most fun mini reviews I've ever written in a while. Also, tell me what you think of any of the books I reviewed if you've read any.

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  1. I feel the same about The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender, so sad. It has such potential to be so good. :/

    1. True. And I guess you read it pretty quickly! Well, at least you gave it a try...

  2. Optimists Die First sounds like it could be pretty good but I trust your judgement so maybe I'll give that one a pass. But Tiny Pretty Things? NO. I cannot stand dance books/movies. I don't know why, it's just an issue I have that really has no explanation.

    1. Firstly, thank you so much for commenting on so much of my recent posts! I know it must have taken so much time.

      Haha, I feel honoured that you trust my opinion but feel guilty if you miss out on a book that you might potentially enjoy xD

      Ah. That's okay, I guess xD

    2. No problem! I love reading your blog and I'm finally catching up after exams :)

  3. Optimists Die First sounds so good, though! It's too bad the romance left so much to be desired.



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