College Diaries: Weeks Two and Three!

November 30, 2017

I haven't made a post in ages and I've been meaning to post the rest of this so here it is! (Ugh, but it gets quite personal... try not to get sad xD)

Week 2:

This week, I started to feel super lonely. Everyone made friends so quickly except me! Then again, they're all in the same group chat except me. They didn't isolate me, they asked me to join but I don't have or want Facebook. I also couldn't sit near them because of some digestive/stomach problems I have. 

On Friday, we had Fiction class my teacher continued on the topic of fables so we had to read children's books in that class. I decided to use this to my advantage so I scribbled down the author's names and the book titles and I made a few notes. I then planned on adding them to my Goodreads challenge! (Spoiler: I did!)

In my Desktop Publishing class, I thought about using Microsoft Publishing to make graphics. I keep forgetting about it but I need to try it someday! (Another Spoiler: I don't think I will be doing that anymore)

Week 3:

Realised that I feel way less tired than when I was doing my previous course in the college I went to last year. And I wake up earlier! I wake up about 6-6:30am everyday? Sometimes 5 o'clock (and nowadays it's more like 4-5am) But I wake until 6 o'clock because it's too early (however, I now wake up way too early these days). 

My classes start at 10 o'clock twice a week and 9 o'clock for the rest two. I also need two buses to get there. I'm not really tired because I'm used to waking up early. My brother told me that I feel this way because I'm actually interested in what I'm learning. (Though one day, I did feel like skipping school but I forced myself to dress up and go after remembering a song.)

Being a loner hits me with the realisation that group work is hard because it's so much easier for everyone else to partner up for writing scenarios in Playwriting class. (Also, I think I kind of gave up before I could even begin. Nowadays, I don't really regret it that much. We're all writers but I don't really have much in common with them, their sense of humour isn't really my style, bla, bla, bla...)

In Secondary school, I remember hating media studies in English class. It seemed so unnecessary at the time! However, now that I'm in college, Media Analysis class is super interesting.

uh huh nod GIF by Originals

Another discovery: it's easier to finish books because I have time on the bus, time before the teacher reaches the class, time during lunch break and more! (Spoiler: it isn't really as easy anymore) Also, people don't judge me (at least to my face) for reading books all the time unlike Secondary School (not that I listened to them).

I went into Fiction writing class thinking about the short story I read the day before (The Dead which is a short story that's part of James Joyce's Dubliners). It wasn't a boring story but a lot flew over my head. One of the things I remembered was that Gabriel the protagonist was a book reviewer (who got review copies...).

Then my teacher discussed the symbolism and themes and how to apply those to our stories and my eyes were opened! I also added 'The Dead' to my Goodreads reading challenge, of course! And I was inspired by my Playwriting teacher's character profile assignments to make my own character profile notebook to develop my characters!

So what did you guys think of this one? Would you like to see more of these posts or are these enough?

And how is school going for you (if you've started)? And if you haven't, 



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  1. I'm so sorry you've been feeling that way! *hugs* I hope it gets better, and I'm sure you'll make friends.

    But hey! It's really cool that you're learning all of that stuff, it sounds very interesting! :)

    1. It's okay! (kinda...)

      I'm glad I found this course at last minute :) I really like it.

  2. Agh, I hope you feel better, and I'm one hundred percent sure that some amazing new people will come your way :D

    ~ noor

  3. I hope you make some more friends! I found out last month that all the day students at my school had a special day students group chat that I didn't know about, even though it had been around for years. (And I considered myself friends with all these people ugh). Do you have allergies or a special diet? Anyway, that sounds annoying. I HATED group projects in school and often worried about people not wanting to work with me (or alternatively only wanting to work with me because they thought I'd do all the work and get the whole group a good grade, which happened a lot).
    Also, I like waking up early, but then I like sleeping in and this makes me very conflicted. Right now I wake up around 6:15 but don't get out of bed until 7. (I have an podcast bible study which is great because I can lie in bed and be warm and pray at the same time. Except I sometimes almost fall asleep oops)

    1. Same. I hope I get to make some :(

      I do have a special diet because I'm diabetic but I just feel so sick on school days or when I'm just going out :(

      (Aww, that sucks Shar! I hope you make friends with non-slackers)

      Yay! We have another thing in common.

  4. Aw, I'm so sorry you've been struggling! If I may, I really struggled with making friends for my first year but I've heard it gets easier, especially once you start specialising. Keep at it! You'll find friends and have an amazing time :D

    1. I'll make an effort to make friends once I reach uni :)

      Thank you so much :)

  5. I'm sorry you weren't really able to make friends at first... did you ever meet anyone you clicked with?

    Glad you were able to find so many good books to read though! Sounds like your classes at least were quite interesting!


    1. I do slightly click with someone.

      Yeah, I like quite a few of them.


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