How I Started Writing Again

December 09, 2017

Hey guys! As I have mentioned in November, last year I have been struggling to write (this started when I was about. This year however, I have bounced back to the point where I have (almost) finished my novel. And I'm going to explain how I did it.

1. I Started to Write When I Felt Like It

I just know you guys are judging this point but it's honestly a serious problem a good amount of writers have! I fell into a writing slump when I was 15 (during my Junior Cert year. However, there is a new junior cert now). I was quite focused on studying for that year even though those grades are only half as important as the Leaving Cert grades. After that year, I started to dry up creatively. I wrote a lot less and even stopped drawing :( I continued to write a few times per year until this year (mainly for writing competitions).

This year, I decided to stop being such a wimp and just write when I felt like it and it helped!

2. I Took Some Advice from a Blogging Buddy

I discussed my writing slump with a blogging friend of mine. (She is Shanti, a co-author at Virtually Read, to be precise). Though I didn't use all the writing advice because I was so flustered, it gave me a good kick of inspiration!

3. I Wrote Down Advice from Writing Advice Blogs

I know we shouldn't always rely on another writer for advice but you have to admit that they do help a lot at times! This year, I mainly took down writing advice from Hannah Heath. I mean, I don't simply follow everything I see... I pick and choose which writing advice suits me best. (Though I haven't really been using their advice... but just the feeling of writing down advice makes me excited to write!) 

4. I Decided to Take a One-Year Creative Writing Course

I've talked about it in my college diaries here and here. One of the main reasons I chose it was because I wanted to get back into writing again. And it worked! I feel much more inspired now! (Also, I started to take down story ideas that randomly come to me but I'll discuss that in a different post)

5. I (technically) Participated in NaNoWriMo

I wrote along with you guys to see if I were capable of doing it and though I didn't write everyday, I realised that I could do it! I didn't use a laptop to write so I don't know the exact amount but I believe that I have written 5,000+ words at most. And I guessed you guys helped with inspiration and stuff on Twitter so thank you guys for that!

And it also got me into a habit. Also, I now finally realise how important setting specific goals are.

6. I Wrote For the Sake of Writing

I listened to Aimee and other blogger's advice of simply writing #allthewords. It really helped because I already had some prompts for scenes as it was very much based on events that happened to me in 2014. I just wrote a scene even if it was badly written, I made sure to finish it.

7. Fast Writers Inspired Me

I see so many writers who finish their stories so quickly and it made me realise that dang, if a person can write a whole story of 50,000 words in a month, how much can one write in two or three months?

I'm sure most (if not all) of you know Paper Fury. She can finish NaNoWriMo (or simply a novel) in days. Some writers have written so many stories and that really triggers creative energy (I don't want to say 'juices') within me and I feel a sort of greed to write more. To finish my incomplete stories next year. After all, the first draft does not have to be perfect.

8. I Found Ways to Plot Your Novel While Being a Pantser

like a boss GIF

After all, realistically speaking, we do need to plot our novels in some way in order for our stories to actually make sense. And who says we have to outline before we write our novels? You can do it afterwards. Finding that information probably saved my future writing years.

9. Getting My Work Critiqued

I really like getting constructive criticism. I have a greed for improving my stories. I always want to get better! A certain blogger friend who critiqued my short story not too long ago showed me how I should write things for a reason. I don't actually plot my short stories but I'm going to start doing that from now on 😂

So guys, how did you feel about this post? Have you ever been in a writing slump recently or do you feel more excited than ever to write? If you've been in a writing slump, did this post help you in any way? Comment your thoughts below!

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  1. I'm so glad I could help you, Grace! And I'm sorry if I confused you. I'm always here if you need me 😍🤗. Writing when you feel like it definitely helps. When I'm in a writing slump I find that the best thing to do is to try to write something differently m and writing prompts are so useful too.

    1. You didn't confuse me, I was already flustered before I took your advice xD

      Aww, you're too kind <3 ^^

      And thanks for the tips.

  2. School has really slowed and halted my writing, I wrote everyday this summer and last year, but now I usually write once a week, and I need to get back on top of it.

    Thanks for this post and I'm glad you got out of your writing slump!

    1. It's great that you're still writing something regularly.

      Thank you :)

  3. I've been in quite a writing slump recently, but this has inspired me to give it another go again. I think all of your tips were good but especially the 'getting your work critiqued' one. I find that it really helps me improve if I have someone to critique my work. Oh and also I tagged you in a blog tag, you can see it here: xx

    1. Thanks for tagging me Lula. I will definitely do the tag.

  4. I feel like I'm in suuuuuch a slump right now. I think a lot of it has to do with the querying process being so draining, especially when it's a no after no after no after no. I'm going to start another book and see if that helps at all. I'm super glad you found a way to get writing again, that's so important. Best of luck!

    1. I don't know much about querying but I believe it's a lot closer to the process of getting your book published?

      And rejection sucks. But hopefully, you can start another book as you've already said.

  5. I love that you're finding your writing groove! It can be so difficult sometimes, but pushing through and writing just to get words on the page can be super helpful! Cool post. :)

  6. Oh, this is such a great post, Grace!! I'm so glad you decided to write again, because it's definitely something that I love doing, and love inspiring others to do as well!! Participating in NaNo has definitely helped me realize that 1) I can actually DO IT & write a novel, and 2) first drafts do not have to be perfect! I also 100% agree with the whole writing for the sake of writing thing.

    (Also yes. One day I hope to be the same Paper Fury level because WOW. THAT'S INSANE. MY DREAM.)

    xoxo may @ forever and everly

    1. Thank you xD

      (Same but maybe I'm being a little too optimistic)

  7. These are all such effective strategies! I've been in a bit of a slump the last few months, mainly because I've had no external motivation (like competitions or grades) and then I was kind of busy. Shanti writes way more than me and she's so good and reading something of hers recently was kind of motivating, as was going to this poetry night at my old school where all these pretentious teenagers read dumb depressing poems (I was inspired to write better ones, haha). And I think I might join this website Shanti uses called Write the World? I think I'd find it motivating, plus the competitions have cash prizes solo

    1. Long time no see, Shar!

      Yeah, school can really get in the way but thankfully I can write in school.


      That website seems interesting.... money, hm...

    2. Never mind, I'm turning 19 soon...

    3. I'm so sorry! I've been a little busy with other things on my mind (but please message me on Instagram because I use it too much)

    4. NO. I'M SORRY. For accidentally calling you Shanti!

      And that's perfectly okay. I'll try to use instagram more.

  8. This is awesome! I'm so glad you were able to start writing again! Writing blogs are awesome, and yes, even as pantsers were must have some semblance of plot, otherwise, where is our story?

    Nice post! And congratz on all you wrote! :D



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