Why I No Longer Want SCRIVENER

December 21, 2017

I've been waiting for quite a while to create this post. I'm honestly so excited to get into this post! And yes, I know that Scrivener has recently updated but I planned this post before it did so shh...


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How My Fascination With SCRIVENER Began

You see, quite a while ago around the middle of this year, I read some posts about Scrivener. Some simply made some posts that praised the software and its many features while others bragged and listed reasons why everyone who uses Microsoft Word should ditch it for Scrivener.

Some people claimed that Microsoft Word took a long time to load after typing 30K+ inside the software. And this had me worried because I am an aspiring author (though it will take a while to reveal my snippets. Not only because of plagiarism but also because... you know, the characters a little 2D...) and though I take quite a while to type stories, I don't ever want to face the dilemma of having a slow document.

Another dilemma was that I didn't really want to spend money on Scrivener because sometimes you need to live the #cheaplife so I got a free (and LEGAL) alternative called FreeWriter. I thought it was pretty cool but I was also busy with schoolwork so I forgot about it for a few months.

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The Search and Unexpected Results

Fast forward a little bit and I had the urge to start searching for free (and LEGAL) alternatives to Scrivener again. I didn't want FreeWriter... I wanted something better. I knew that I could do much better. After all, FreeWriter was only good for separating chapters into folders. The spelling and grammar check didn't even work! And a bunch of open source word processors like Bibisco were nowhere like Scrivener (but for some reason, people want to believe that they are similar? Alright...).

Then... I resorted to... getting a free trial of Scrivener. And my mind was so jumbled and I didn't even like it that much, man. (It isn't super hard to use but it kinda annoyed me) However, I was so desperate for those binders that I had to.

Around this time, I was pretty peeved. I searched for so long after school that my head would sometimes hurt. I just wanted a ruddy word processor with binders. It didn't even have to be similar to Scrivener. I just wanted ruddy binders! I also started to wonder why Microsoft Word, as developed as it is, didn't have binders.

Then on November the 11th 2017, I got so frustrated with looking for alternatives but I did one more search and stumbled on a forum asking for Word Processors. The person would hosted the thread also did not want Microsoft Word anymore. Me, being nosy, scrolled down and saw a comment that mentioned how people like to complain about Word even though they don't bother to learn how to use it. That sparked something in me.

I then looked up 'how to make Word act like Scrivener' and though it took a while, my eyes were opened. 

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Now guys, I noticed that when I see most writers opening up the Word document, it looks more on the lines of this:

But what if I told you it could look more like this?
*gasps* What?! Binders in Microsoft WORD?!

Yup, it's possible.

First, I would advise you to open a new document and then turn the Chapter Headings into Heading 1 in the Home Tab. Separate scenes can be used using Heading 2. You can use Heading 3 for a folder inside a folder. I only have it here for demonstration purposes.

Then press CTRL + F and click Headings in the Navigation Menu.

You can switch the sections in any position you like and if the thought of scrolling through a ginormous document is daunting, click (or move your mouse over) the name of a heading. You will see a triangle appear on the left side of it. Click that triangle to hide any Chapter or scene or whatever you label it.

If you want a better structured tutorial, click HERE.
And yes, when I first changed my chapters into the Headings, my document look quite a mess but hopefully it won't be so burdensome for you. I can't wait to start a brand new story and try this. And no, I'm not being fake by typing that. I am literally looking forward to using it!

Hello everyone! What do you guys think of that feature? Have you heard of it before? If so,


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  1. Wow, neat! I had no idea Word could do that!!
    Thanks for the tutorial. I will definitely try it out!

    1. Thanks for commenting, Megan? (Or I guess I should call you Megs now).

      You're welcome. Ever since I found out about the binder, I had to reveal it!

    2. Ah, either works. I answer to both. ;)

  2. The thing about Word taking a while to load is sometimes true. I noticed the problem once when I was working on a full-length manuscript for an editing client and used Track Changes. I don't know what was wrong, because it's the only time I've ever had that problem, but that doc would take forever. I ended up having to split the revisions in two documents to send them. :p But like I said, that's the only time I've ever had that problem, so. *shrugs* It might not always do that.

    And this is exactly what I do! Haha, I think I learned about it in my college class: I had to take a computer course that taught us how to use Microsoft Office, and if I remember correctly, this was part of it.

    Glad you found a way that works for you!


    1. Ah... so you kept that secret to yourself *sniffs* How dare you...

    2. Sorry! Haha, I honestly didn't know that other people didn't know. I thought I was behind. :P

  3. I've never even heard of Scrivener before this post, lol.

  4. That's really interesting! I knew google docs could do this but not scrivener. I'm not an author so I don't need the program yet anyway. But this is a helpful tutorial and I really should try. :)

  5. Omg wow I had no idea you could do that with Word!! I'm impressed! I honestly love Scrivener and wouldn't give it up for anything though.😂I don't find it hard/confusing to use and I love having all my research and character charts and outline right there and easy to flip back and forth from. *heart eyes* But I also use MS Word haha. Particularly for edits. So both?! Both is good.

    1. Thanks for reading my 'shady' post xD

      Word has so many tricks up its sleeve...

      Ahh, I never knew you used both. I guess this will be beneficial information, then.

  6. I use that function for school all the time, lol. It's super helpful when I'm writing up a massive report and I need to find where the darn graphs are.

    For writing, I've been using Pages (Mac) for the last few years. I love the layout of it, even if it is pretty similar to Word. I'd like to try Scrivener, but I'm afraid I'll love it and have to spend money on it lol.


      I can see what you mean. Sometimes you gotta live the #cheaplife


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