17 Things You Didn't Know About Me

January 14, 2018

I was tagged by Lula Mercer to do this tag. I guess I should've done this last year since it's 17 things, but I don't think it's too late, right?

1. I Started Watching YouTube in 2013.

This is because before, I was told that YouTube was filled with all sorts of pornographic videos and stuff (even though I didn't really know what porn was) and was scared to stumble on it. But after that I started watching Greatest Freakout Ever and then one day in class my teacher asked for any video recommendations and a person requested for a video on NigaHiga - FWP. I was instantly drawn in and we watched two more videos in class and I had a crush on him xD 

I then went home to binge watch his videos and heard about all these other YouTubers. I didn't really do much those days but his videos really brightened up my day. He's still one of my favourite YouTubers to this day. He's simply so unique.

nigahiga GIF

2. Even Though NigaHiga was the First YouTuber I Started Watching, I Subscribed to Blimey Cow Before Him

I should have never listened to my brother when he said that subscribing meant giving YouTubers money...

3. I Used to Draw WAY Before I Started Writing

Unfortunately, I don't draw much anymore but perhaps one day I'll make time for it. I started writing when I was around ten but I don't remember when I started drawing...

4. Though I Have Selective Mutism, Asking Strangers for Help, Isn't As Burdensome As It Used To Be

Of course, depending on the person, I won't hesitate. However, sometimes I will pace around the shop for around ten minutes before finally mustering up the courage to ask for help.

5. I Wish I Could Speak Irish Fluently

In Ireland, there are only a few areas where the majority of people can speak Irish fluently. Outside those places (like Dublin, for example unless you go to an Irish-only speaking school) Irish is only spoken in Irish class which isn't good for keeping the language >.< It sucks when you want to get immersed in a language but the people themselves don't like it.

6. I Also Can't Speak Any Of The 520+ Languages Spoken in Nigeria

*shrugs* In all fairness, I have to blame my parents for this. They barely spoke to me in their language while I was growing up. At least I'm picking up two other languages, right?

7. I Used to Be On Wattpad Constantly in 2012-14?

It used to be SO GOOD and it was my first introduction to the online world? Unfortunately, so many people have left and I barely like using it. I don't even like the website design anymore...

8. I Was More Confident and Comfortable Around Others Before I Became A Teenager

People really suck. That's all I have to say 😂

9. I Use YouTube For Mainly Educational Purposes or BookTube Now

I used to watch skit channels and vloggers (but not the kind that vlog everyday) but most of them don't really upload videos anymore :( I do like Booktube videos, but it's not the same.

10. I Really Like Super White, Straight Teeth

Mine aren't very straight, so I don't really smile freely unless I'm laughing. I'd like to get braces in the future.

11. I Often Laugh at Jokes That I Make Up For Myself

And I usually have no plans to share them with other people...

12. I Only Had One IRL Friend That I Was Super Close To

I still miss him to this day...

13. I Never Really Had Many (If Any) In Real Life Female Friends

14. I Originally Thought I Wouldn't Develop Such an Interest in Other Cultures, Especially the Korean Culture

15. Sometimes When I Eat Food Without Spice, I Feel Nauseous Afterwards

It kinda has this greasy taste to me? If it's food that contains oil or eggs. I want some spice inside to cut through that taste.

16. Milk Tastes Gross To Me

Except when it's processed into yoghurt, cheese, butter,etc 

17. I Used To Dislike Very Cutesy Stuff But After Getting into Korean Culture (actually, Kpop/kdrama culture is more accurate in this case)*, I Have Developed A Lot of Appreciation For It
*I don't want any Koreans after me saying, "There's more to our culture than that, ya filthy cretin!" I had to adjust this bit because I realised I kinda messed up xD

These titles are too darn long for flip's sake. But yeah, I just can't help but smile at such cuteness nowadays.

mj it dont work for him GIF


aegyo GIF

I can just see you guys judging me xD

And I have to tag three more people, FUDGE.

I Tag:

Shar and Shanti from Virtually Read

And also Gray Marie from Writing is Life

I guess some of these facts kinda suck but I gotta upload and thinking about 17 facts is hard, okay? 

Do you guys have any facts you want me to know about?

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  1. Thank you for tagging me! I plan on doing this sometime next week. ^-^

    No. 8 is the opposite for me, I didn't really have any friends or talk to anyone until I turned thirteen. XD

    I'm so sorry about your irl friend. :(
    I hope you make lots of amazing friends soon (or a few, if you're still somewhat reserved xD). <3

    Eww, I hate milk too, why does it taste so disgusting?? And then all of my siblings are drinking it like it's the best thing ever and I'm just sitting across from them really confused.

    1. That's great :)

      It's okay, I guess. As long as he's doing well, it's okay...


      Yeah and when I think about the source I get even more discouraged >.<

  2. It was so interesting to get to learn more about you! I can be hard to make friends in real life, but it's cool that you've found a voice and friends online! I also think it would be super cool to learn Irish too!

    1. I'm glad you liked it!

      Yes, I need to learn how to appreciate online friends more often.

      Yes, it would *cries in the one and only language I know*

  3. I got introduced to YouTube at an older age, actually! I wasn’t allowed to go on there, either, because my parents were also worried about the content on YouTube, so I just resorted to playing on Coolmath and reading manga.

    It’s so neat you’re exposed to a whole ton of languages, too! My family’s from the Philippines, although my parents never bothered to ingrain the basics of Tagalog, despite understanding it. I do think it’s a sad loss when parents don’t teach their kids their languages from their heritage, especially since it’s a big part of the culture. :(

    xoxo Abigail Lennah | ups & downs

    1. I used to go on virtual reality worlds all the time before YouTube xD

      Saaame. It's kinda confusing as well because I also get criticised for not knowing xD

  4. I used to spend hours on Wattpad reading stories when I was in highschool but I just stop one day. Haven't visit the site for years now lol.

    I actually digs the cringy aegyo culture especially when the person aegyo is not fake and forced.

    1. I don't blame you xD

      Haha *high five* It's pretty decent but the oppa-ya aegyo is too extra. I dislike forced aegyo as well xD

  5. I went and Googled Selective Mutism and now wonder if that was my deal as a young girl. I was so painful shy, it was awful. I would be terrified to talk to people. Beyond terrified. I would freeze up and not be able to talk. That was so long ago. No problem now but do have social anxiety. Cool list and you have some fascinating tidbits in there!
    Rebecca @ The Portsmouth Review

    1. I hope things will get better for me as well :(

  6. This is really interesting & thanks for sharing. Are you still friends with that person?? I hate asking strangers for help and will do anything I can to avoid it. This was a big problem for me when I was travelling around Europe (I find it less hard in India because I feel like I belong and people are friendly??). (Example A: a train in Munich changed its route and I didn't understand the announcement or ask anyone because I thought I'd look dumb and then I was going the wrong way and it was okay in the end but I could have avoided so much pain *cries*)

    1. I still talk to the person via social media, if that counts xD

      Aw, that sounds really terrifying :(

  7. This tag was super great to read! I've never really gotten into Wattpad, I suppose it's because I've never found any authors that were any good. That may just be my experience though.

    Making friends in real life can be quite difficult, I still haven't managed to make friends in university. Except friends who take other courses, of course. (Go me.) And I know you've mentioned before, but why don't you have many female friends in real life? I connect so much better to girls than guys.

    1. I just never really felt a connection with any of the females I knew? I always had less friends than most people? And I guess I felt more laid back and relaxed around boys. I used to watch football/soccer and stuff and brag about my favourite teams around them. I don't really have a good answer, I guess.

  8. Interesting tag! Nigahiga and Blimey Cow were two of my first YouTubers too!!! I don't watch either very much any more, but both of them are so funny! And girl, I laugh at my own jokes all the time. Almost no one else ever does, lol, but I think I'm hilarious.

    I'm sorry about your harder facts, like about your friends. I don't have many IRL at the moment, either, but for me, that's what makes places like the blogosphere so great. Even though I don't have many IRL friends, I still get to connect with people who get me and matter to me. <3


    1. That's pretty cool! You have good taste in YouTubers, then!

      Really, why aren't we best friends, then? xD

      Yeah, it's sad but... thinks will hopefully get better.

  9. I've been drawing for as long as I can remember too! My mother says I started drawing my name (upside down and sideways) before I had any clue what letters were. I would just copy it when she wrote it down, and it was actually legible! Except for the fact that it wasn't always right side up of course. I don't draw much anymore though. I mean, I do sometimes but not seriously. I do a lot of doodling.

    1. That's nice! I wish I were still drawing.

      Doodlings better than nothing, I guess... xD


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