Random Reflections: Finally Keeping Ideas, Good vs Great, Mini Reseñas in Spanish (?)!

March 01, 2018

After my freaking long (at least for me) hiatus, I am BACK. No major reasons why I left. I just felt too unmotivated to post.

New Graphic. I like this one better....

For those who aren't familiar with this, these reflection posts are basically a more rambly kind of post of things that come into my mind.

One significant thing that I started doing last year definitely had something to do with this post by Hannah. I´m the kind of writer that gets more ideas that I write down so laziness is definitely a major weakness.

 I used to simply ignore new ideas that came to my mind because I already had quite a few unfinished novels. However, after that post and another post (which I have forgotten, sorry xD) I decided to start writing any do-able novel/short story ideas on these short record cards/flash cards and I now keep them in my folder. I can't wait to start writing better stories in the future!

Though I haven't plotted or written anything for my upcoming WIP during these first two months, *cough* something that came into my mind was about how I wanted to write a good story. It came into my mind after I had finished reading Animal Farm by George Orwell (please read about it if you haven't. I am still not well educated on the Historical parallel/context but I believe I understand the message). That book is an awesome book because of its very strong message. 

I started thinking about how I know I should focus on simply writing a good story, rather than feeling pressured to write something political or deeply profound (this is especially thanks to Aimee Meester). However...

I can't help but want to write something GREAT. Something that stands out from many of the books that are commonly found on the bookshelves today. Something that really makes people think. I don't really want to write something political (unfortunately, I do have an idea that is somewhat political) even though my views tend not to be on any of the two extreme sides (at least the two extreme sides in America). However, an idea is simply an idea until it's finally written down. I don't guarantee that I'll be trying to publish it, so we'll see...

I guess I should just try to finish the two story ideas I want to finally write down and get to my much better ideas. 

I have decided to cut the nonsense and try to make Mini Reseñas (also known as mini reviews) that are actually in Spanish. Now that I think of it, it's pretty freakin' weird to write the title in Spanish even though the post is completely in English. I get kinda ticked off when I see a video with an English title but no English (or even Spanish) subs. Like... what? So there's no reason for people not to get mad at that. While it is true that I may not have a strong Spanish speaking following (for obvious reasons), I think that it's good to force  push myself to improve my Spanish speaking skills. I'd like to be intermediate in Spanish this year (though I should already be at this stage, given the amount of years I've spent learning Spanish) but I'm going to start doing this after I post my Spanish Learning Journey (which will be soon, I promise! That's if you're even interested. Eh, I'll write it anyway). 

Bilingual Mini Reviews for the win!

Also, I've been thinking of trying to separate my blogger account from Google+? I'd also like to change my name on blogger to a more official pen name. My name is not marketable, guys. That makes me sad. My surname is around the same length as Adichie's first name but it doesn't have the same ring to it. And since I watch BookTube, I know people will butcher it so badly if I got published xD 

Also, almost every girl on the blogosphere has the name Grace as either their first name or their middle name (like me). 

It's sad to know you're not special... xD

I'm wondering what you guys think of this? 

(please answer. I need validation)

This post was actually pretty fun to write! And if you didn't enjoy it... well, that's too darn bad 

(I need to shut up now xD)

Have a nice day!

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  1. I'm kind of guilty of that with my WIP as well... XD

    As for a new pen name, I guess find something that you feels fits your personality best! ^_^

    1. I guess we need to hurry up and start our WIPs!

      Okay! It's hard to find a Nigerian name of my tribe that is easy to pronounce but I have one that I'd like to use!

  2. It's nice to hear some of the things you've been thinking about Gracd! I just...really need to do some serious writing and I haven't for MONTHS and it annoys me. I need to write a short story ( I have a really great, also political idea) and I have a novel that I kinda know how to revise and I just gotta do it! so I'd be keen to hear about your progress as you go too!

    1. I hope you get something done!

      I hope I get to write something as well...

  3. I haven't written for ages but I really really want to! I don't know if I have the time though... uni is kind of taking over my life, which is annoying. (I'm writing this from a library at 9:30. Draw whatever conclusions you want)
    I think feeling pressured to write something great can make writing way more stressful. Just write what you think is important and edit it, and that will be great <3
    Mini reviews in Spanish are a great idea! I can't speak it but I'll read the English version. And I don't think Grace is a terrible name, not would I worry about marketing. However, if you want to use your (very awesome and unique) first name, you should :)

    1. You're definitely going to settle in as soon as possible.

      Yes, thanks for that reminder. Even though I already know that, I still need it to prevent unnecessary freaking out.

      Thanks for the support of the mini reviews anyway xD

      I decided that I don't want to use my first name either. I'll just be using a different Nigerian first name as well as my middle name Grace for blogging and (hopefully!) publishing.

  4. Ahhhhh welcome back Grace!! I'm excited to see more posts from you!!

    1. ...or are you really?


      Thank you! xD

  5. Ooh, what's your official penname? Or are you still thinking about it?

    Grace does seem to be a popular name in the blogosphere, but if you like using your name, you shouldn't change it! And if your worried about people butchering your last name, maybe you could include a pronunciation for it in your about page. I saw Maggie Stiefvater put that on her website, and I finally know how to pronounce her name, lol


    1. I have two names in mind but it's hard for me to pick one xD

      Okay, I'll definitely include a pronunciation for the name if I choose the more difficult one.


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