College Diaries... Last-ish (Or Not)

April 14, 2018

So remember when I did that survey? And actually uploaded a lot more frequently?

Well, one person responded by saying that they wanted to hear about my college classes so here's a post just for them. 

It's also for the rest of you guys as well. You don't get to abandon me this time...

So basically, I suffered after (and during) the Easter Holidays because I had about four assignments due the week after? I had two weeks off and barely had anything finished...

Fast forward afterwards, and it turns out that I got all the assignments done on Thursday. (Except that one for my Scriptwriting class. But we won't focus on that one, right?). Okay, I also kinda rushed this research project that I to do for Fiction class but my head was really starting to hurt because my blood sugar was going low as I didn't eat much. However, I didn't even take insulin? Then again, I do take a different type of insulin that lasts during the whole day.

I was thinking about how I literally prayed to God to put at least one Christian in my class (I knew I wouldn't really fit it... not because of me being Christian, though) and I found out (much later) that the only person I can really talk to is Christian. She's a super nice and sweet person? 

I wished that I had spoken to her sooner because I originally thought she wouldn't want to talk to me? But that was quite a stupid assumption to make. We do have our differences like our ages. She's middle aged, I believed. I feel that middle aged women are more fond of me. People my age can't stand my awkwardness, I guess. She also told me that she used to be like me when she was around my age so she can sympathise with me.

Okay, so about my classes: I do more than 9 but I only need to get a distinction (80% or higher) in 5 to make it to university. I do have a particular university in mind, however I hope to attend one closer to my house if that fails. I'm somewhat nervous, though I never truly felt any true stress. I actually have a good chance at going to uni. I still have some assignments to do. I just need to buckle up and then do three exams afterwards in May (I believe) and then hope and pray that I succeed

Also, sorry for the chunky paragraphs, I personally don't really like to read paragraphs that are too thick. (I still read them, though. xD)

Now, as for a brief (hopefully) explanation of all my classes.

1. Play-writing - This is basically a class where we create theatre scripts, monologues and dialogues. There are also discussions about theatre in general. I wasn't the biggest fan of this because I'm all about novels.

                             abbi jacobson GIF by truTV’s The Chris Gethard Show

I've learned quite a bit, though. I'm still not going to be a theatre enjoyer (or whatever the correct term is) anytime soon. Turns out, my teacher actually likes my assignments and even liked the music (of a Korean band that I don't 'stan' but I do like their music) I included in one of them. I picked it because I felt that it could be interpreted in a platonic way as well. Also, this isn't one of my harder assignments so hopefully I pass!

2. Work Experience - Funnily enough, much work experience isn't done in this particular class. Rarely get assignments and they're not really hard.

3. Media Analysis - Basically consists of discussions on the Media. It's kinda hard to take notes because the teacher talks in a very conversational manner. I do okay with this class.

4. Communications - Very similar to work experience. Focuses more on CVs and that kind of stuff. Again, the assignments don't make me wanna smash my head against the wall.

5. Word Processing - Just classes and exams on how to use various things on Microsoft Word. Has taught me a couple of things. Not super fond of this class but I hope I get a distinction.

6. English Literature - It is what it is. We had to study Beowulf at first and I hated it so freaking much! There are no chapters or breaks. I know it's a poem but I just can't deal with the format. I can't. However, Animal Farm was pretty good (you probably won't like it if you're Capitalist/Communist, though 😅). Assignments on this subject are harder but I enjoy this much more than some other modules (subjects).

7. Intercultural Studies - Basically talking about racism/immigration/prejudice and we often watch documents. Sometimes we go on trips but I mostly skip them. Except that one time we went to an Art museum and I bought an 'floating shelf'. I haven't installed it, though. 

This class is okay. One of the easier ones.

8. Script writing - Not a fan. At all. It basically consists of writing film/radio scripts. We watched a movie called Thelma and Louise. Wasn't a fan. Didn't like the characters. If it were a book, I'd give it about 2 stars. I'm just glad that this isn't a major part of my course.

9. Print Journalism - This is about news and stuff. It's kind of connected to another module that involves Work Experience.

10. Fiction - At first, a lot of short stories were read and we even got to read (and critique) each other's. This is my favourite class because it involves writing stories! And it got me out of my writing stuff (okay, I actually haven't written anything for a WIP since December but shh, we're not talking about that right now). I believe I can get a good grade on this subject!

11. Desktop Publishing - Not my favourite class at all but it's the one I have to pass. It's where I do my work experience! I find that kinda weird, doing my work experience in school. We basically have to design a newsletter.

 At least I can put that on my CV.

So, that's that. 

Also, I know I have to check out quite a few of your posts. And even more. 

So thanks for reading.


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  1. This is really interesting! I hope you can get into the university you want to-- it sounds like your capable of it. Some of the classes sound a bit annoying/dumb though. Good luck with the last few weeks!

    1. Out of curiosity... which classes do you think are annoying/dumb? xD

  2. This sounds so interesting, it makes me re-think not going to college almost. XD

    I'm hoping that maybe I can go to some sort of community college or something, I've just come to realize that traditional college isn't for me for a numerous of reasons.

    Best of luck with the end of the year! <3

    1. Wait, you've finished high school? o.O

      Yeah, I heard that American college is really expensive.

      Thank you! <3

    2. Not yet, thank goodness!
      But I'm homeschooled, so we tend to plan ahead, I'm only a freshman, so I have three more years. XD

      They ARE. It's so ridiculous, life-long-debt expensive.

  3. Those all sound cool!!! Good luck!!

  4. I pray that you could get into the uni that you wished for! And all the classes sounds so cool but I guess it's not lol.

  5. Yay, I'm glad your prayer was answered, and that you did have someone to talk to, at least for a little while. :)

    Hope the ends of your classes go well, and that you're able to get into the university you want to! :D I'll be praying for your final exams. :)


    1. Same. It was really unexpected from me :)

      Thank you! I'll need them! <3

  6. So I am 100% confused on how the secondary Irish education system works. Do you go from high school to college then university? Can you go straight from high school to uni? What's the difference between uni and college? *is very confused*


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