Get To Know Me Tag - Writer's Edition

May 02, 2018

I'm... BACK!!! 

All my exams are over (okay, I only had three but still) all my assignments are done and I don't have to come back to school unless to collect the odd thing or two. 

I now have more time for blogging and stuff. So that's... good xD

I was tagged the adorable (don't cringe, Gray!) Gray Marie to do this tag. Thank you for this.


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Vital Stats and Appearance

(pen)Name: Grace is my real name but I decided that my new pen name will be Adesuwa Osayande (or Adesuwa Grace, to reduce confusion. I'm going to change it on Blogger and other blogger-related social media one day- I promise!)

Nicknames: I don't really have nicknames. Sometimes people call me Gracie but I only really like it when I refer to myself like that

Birthday: (I wanted to kinda keep this secret but ah well xD) February 10th

Hair colour and length: Black, it's kinda shoulder length but not visibly so? 

natural hair GIF

It's very similar to this but for some reason, type 4 natural hair doesn't really show length accurately >.< So basically, it's longer than it looks

Eye colour: Dark brown

Braces/piercings/tattoos: I mean, I want to have braces but my Dad keeps saying no. I have a strict/conservative kinda family so no piercings or tattoos. Then again, I don't really like either, anyway.

Righty or lefty: Righty

Ethnicity: Nigerian (if you've been reading my blog for a while and you didn't know this... Lord have mercy)


First novel written: 2011? Yup. Me and two other girls just wrote novels all year during class and break time that year. My teacher even made my entire class to write novels for a project for English class. Primary school was the BEST.

First novel completed: 2011. I think I wrote two novels that year. Or one the year before that and one in 2011.

Award for writing: None. And I'm salty about it.

First publication: None. And I'm salty abou- (this sounds way funnier in my head, I'm telling you). I think I might get published in my college's newsletter or something else by the end of the year.

Conference: None. Also salty about this.

Query/Pitch: I have yet to write the kind of story I would like to publish!


Novel(that you wrote): That's the latest one I've written. The first YA book I've written. The protagonist is Nigerian-Irish like me (as it IS set in Ireland) and it's about how life gets messy during her exam year

Genre: Contemporary YA. I don't only want to write in this genre, though. I'd like to branch out into Mystery/Thriller, Dystopian... maybe Fantasy (urban Fantasy, though). I DEFINITELY want to write a literary fiction novel

Author: Holly Smale

Writing Music: I don't like to listen to music while writing

Time to Write: Afternoon/evening/night

Writing Snack/Drink: WATER

Movie: I don't watch films because the book was probably better xD Okay but seriously I don't really watch movies

Writing Memory: When I gave my story to my 6 Class (6th grade) teacher to read and he told me it was good. It was probably more 'good for my age' but it encouraged me to write more

Childhood Book: Famous Five? Sleepover Club? Mainly those


Reading: Unwind by Neal Shusterman (I thought I wouldn't like it but the writing and dialogue are on point. I never knew I would like the third person present tense narrative)

Writing: Um.... I have written a novel since last year. I want to get started on it though because my plot and character profiles have been written a while ago

It's a book I'm re-writing from my Primary School novel project. Yup, still haven't finished that one. It's about:

-Biracial British girl
-Secondary school antics
-Trio (two girls, one boy)
-Friendship drama

Listening to: There's not really a particular song I'm listening to

Watching: YouTube (right now) Korean Drama: Coffee Prince (kinda sucks but it has that 'classic' vibe that I can't resist)

Learning: I should never procrastinate on school assignments on all things. Also, my Faith.

Want To Be Published: Yeah! I want to see book covers with black girls on them written by me. Especially black girls with natural hair. I think I might write protagonists of different races but I want to focus on black girls first. I just want to get my work out there. 

Indie or Traditional: Ever since Abigayle Claire mentioned that you can be a hybrid author, I decided that I'd like to do both! 

Wildest Goal: To translate my own books into Spanish and Korean. I know it's 'out there' but I'd really like to do this! Also, if I can speak these languages really well, I think I'd be able to get a more accurate message in those languages.


Everyone who wants to do this, heck yeah!

(okay, maybe Shar and Shanti from Virtually Read)

Also, I might be changing this blog design into a much better one, so there's that. Also, I need to change my header... I don't like it anymore xD

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  1. Your pen name is awesome!

    and I just found out that you're a Nigerian. Opps.

    I also rarely watch movies because I feel like book is just ten thousands better.

    1. Thanks!

      What did you think I was before? I'm curious xD


  2. Aww, thank you! >.<

    I knew you were Nigerian!! *fist pumps*

    Also, your books sound so cool, can't wait to read them in the future!!! :D

    1. That's great! xD

      AWWw thanks but I'm so scared. agh! xD

  3. Thanks for the tag! I liked getting to know you :) It's great that you have finished school !! I hope the exams all went fine. That's so cool that you've written a few novels. They sound really interesting and definitely worth investing in. There should be more books about black people.
    I don't have any piercings or tattoos just because I didn't want piercings and tattoos are a bit much. It seems a bit too committed.

    1. I'm glad :)

      Yes, there definitely should xD

      Ah. That's interesting. I thought it was mainly me and a few people who thought that xD

  4. Thanks for the tag. Maybe Shar and I will ty to do it together, that could be cool and we need to collab more anyway. I liked learning these facts about you! if it makes you feel better, I've never been to a conference either. And it's okay not to want to be published right now; it's good to know that about yourself.

    1. A collab post would be brilliant.

      Maybe we'll attend a conference someday *sigh*

      Yeah, when I was younger, I was in a hurry. Even though my writing skills were far from sufficient xD

  5. I don't really watch movies either. :p

    Third person present can be so good when the author writes it right! It's one of my favorites.

    Ooh, I like your goal of wanting to see more books with black girls on the cover! Most of the time, the black girls on the covers I see are trying to look all "sexy," you know? I'd really like to see some where they're just normal teen girls with normal lives. And natural hair is awesome too.


    1. Yeah, black girls are so sexualised on book covers :/

  6. Hi, nice to meet you! I love your pen name. And your idea of translating your novel into Spanish and Korean is really cool!

    1. Nice to meet you too! Thanks for checking out my blog as well!

  7. I also finished post of my exams! I think I have most of them done but just a couple more easier ones.

    1. That's great! I hope they were alright :)

  8. Hi hi. This is such a fun post to read. Aww i loved coffee prince, like really loved it. I love your new blog design, so arranged and pretty. I read famous five as a kid too , i even watched few episodes of the Tv series they were making back then.

    1. You watched Coffee prince as well?! Whoa!

      I think I saw a few episodes of famous five but they didn't appeal to me :(

  9. Your pen name is sooo cool, although full disclosure I will spell it wrong on multiple occasions. As awesome as you are, my spelling skills are so not on point. Congrats on finishing your exams! (I realise I am so late that you've probably started school again but shhhh.) I've just finished my semester like two days ago so now I exist on the internet again beyond scheduled posts.

    1. Thank you!

      Don't worry, I won't get mad xD

      Thank you for commenting on my blog so much recently XD


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