• My pen name is Adesuwa (ah-DEH*-soo-wa*) Grace
*eh like a Canadian, wa like a baby

  • I am 20 years old and I'm Irish (nationality, not ethnicity ;).

  • So I don't pronounce my "ings" or "th's" . Yes, when people type something like "dat bookshelf, doe", I LITERALLY PRONOUNCE IT LIKE THAT. And I also say runnin', jumpin', cookin'... it's an insignificant fact but you know, you came here to find out stuff about me...

  • I'm Nigerian and am here to say that we definitely do exist in Ireland. Some people think we don't *cries*

  • I'm Christian.

youtube blimey cow
(And I watch Blimey Cow on YouTube. Obviously.)

  • I am an INFP (but partly INFJ).
  • I find it easier for me to communicate with people online than in real life. In real life, I seem reserved to most people, Hence the name "Somewhat Reserved". However, if I met you in real life and you told me you were a fellow blog person and you read my blog or I read your blog, I guarantee that you'll see a great leap in my personality. It'll be way easier for me to warm up to you!

Extra Information
  • Obviously, I like to read and write. I have a book blog after all. I prefer to write stories/novels over poems. I wish I could write a darn poem, though. Also, this blog isn't only for YA books. (Heck, it isn't even only for books!) I do like to read other genres such as Literary Fiction and classics (and even the occasional Non Fiction!). 

  • Don't ask me what my favourite book is (especially if you're a bookworm. If you do, how dare you). Ask me who my favourite author is and I'll be able to tell you that they are Holly Smale and Harper Lee. I'm pretty picky with my books but I'm trying to read different sorts of books with different authors because I want to have more favourite authors.

  • I'm one of those people who prefer little to no romance in books. Yes, I'm one of those bitter people. Most romances I read almost make romantic relationships seem like the biggest burdens in the world. Ay ay ay...

  • I am learning Spanish and Korean! I started learning Spanish first in school, then started self studying Korean. And if you speak/are learning those languages, why not offer to help out or try speaking to me in those languages? I'd appreciate it. Seriously.

  • Seriamente, me gustaría practicar español contigo! Hispanohablante o simplemente una persona que estudia español, chatear conmigo. 

  • I don't mind if you want me to check out your blog. Especially if you're a fellow European/African. However, I can obviously tell if you're just trying to look for followers. If you're one of those people, don't bother. I don't even know any blogger that would fall for that trick. And if I check out your blog, it doesn't necessarily mean that I will follow it.

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