February 01, 2016

All my life I have been regretting my mistakes.

Being too quiet (not sure if that counts, though..), ignoring people, saying the wrong things, accidentally spilling water all over someone's chemistry manual (DUDE I'M SORRY) and other things.

You see, it seems that when most people make mistakes they forgive themselves and forget about it ever so easily. However, in my case, I only SEEM to forget about my mistakes. In reality, those mistakes haunt me for the rest of my life (slight exaggeration).

The reason that happens is because I usually don't apologise (I know, I know) even though I know I should. The reason I don't apologise is not because I feel that I'm above apologising - it's because I'm too darn awkward for my own good and sort of 'freeze' in the current situation. I know what to do but I just... try to ignore the person for like... forever.

I'm trying to forgive myself of course but sometimes it's just easier said than done.

Hopefully, I will improve in the future.

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Keep it all clean, man. Well, if you really wanna curse, use minor swear words. And I mean the minorest of minor ones.

"Or what?" you ask in indignation.

"Or else."