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September 16, 2016

You see, usually I do tags earlier but things (like college) came up and I freaked out (internally of course). Heather was the first to tag me for this and then after the lovely Alexa did it she included me so here I am!


Answer the eight questions

Tag people (I guess I want to add as many as possible)

Link back to Jo (Heather said she said it was optional but since she's the creator and it's good manners I will)

Include the globe picture (I haven't learned how to make my own so I'm glad about this)

Let's go!

You Dedicated Bloggers

Hannah Heath had one of the first blogs I started to read and she posts every Friday despite her hands hurting a lot and also being a part time college student which is something I definitely admire.

Rebecca from Life as a Dare (Katie Gregoire's older sister) has another one of those blogs who were some of the first I started to follow. This blog is definitely more of a lifestyle blog mainly focusing on college, relationships and... lifestyle. Check it out!

Heather... with the Weather (I wonder if anyone gets this reference. If you don't know her her blog is actually Sometimes I'm a Story) is definitely one of those bloggers who makes everyone look lazy because they post a lot of good quality consistent content. And yeah, she was one of those first bloggers I started to read xD

You Committed Community Members

Victoria from Endless Oceans of my Mind  is absolutely brilliant and uploads fairly regularly and I like her and her blog (despite the fights we sometimes have xD) and I that is why I want to mention her here.

Crystal K from You're Just Right is a new blogger who shares a blog with her friend Elle and so far they have been posting regular content which I like and I can't wait to see more future posts.

Abi from The Left-Handed Typist is super committed, okay? She posts a lot and also writes a lot and make me wanna try NaNoWriMo (I probably won't #lazy) and makes me feel like writing more.

You Guys with the Beautiful Blog Designs

Mara from Mara was here definitely has one of the most beautiful blog designs that I have ever seen. She was the one who encouraged me to get Bloglovin which I wasn't that mad about at first and but now I'm so grateful and glad. She also told me that it's not too late to learn HTML and is such a sweet and adorable being.

Katie Grace from A Writer's Faith has such a beautiful blog design. Also, it has this kind of an autumn colour scheme? I'm not sure how you call it but now since autumn has become my favourite season, I really appreciate all the warm and beautiful colours.

Emily from Loony Literate owns one of those incredibly beautiful blogs that you might wish you have. She's an incredibly interesting Aussie blogger who also gives amazing book recommendations!

Ellie from On the Other Side of Reality. Her blog is really sleek and easy to navigate. Also, she gives some good blogging tips. Whoop whoop!

You Brilliant Reviewers and Book Bloggers

Definitely Shar and Shanti from Virtually Read! These twins are awesome and give nice book reviews (and read a lot of contemporary to my relief) but who has the money to buy these book when they're not in the library? HUH?!

Definitely.... UNFABULOUS *coughs*

Also, Zoe from Stories on Stage writes really good reviews and I feel that we might have similar tastes in books.

I should've added more but I have/will put them in different categories.

You Deep and Thoughtful Bloggers

Liz from Out of Coffee, Out of Mind definitely deserves this title from as many people as possible because she writes a lot of her raw, deep and dark feelings in her posts and she has incredibly in depth book reviews that are worth checking out! :D

Opal from Opal Swirls is another blogger who makes lovely posts about stuff like friendship, being young and many other things. I like how she writes what's on her mind and doesn't go off topic (unlike me). 

You Guys with the Brilliant, Enjoyable Blogs

Image result for nigahiga epic meal time

Alexa from Summer Snowflakes writes really lovely posts and seems to be organised and together and she just seems like a fun person! She's so nice. And also shares my love of euphemisms, which cracks me up :P

Rachel from Silver Mess is this cool blogger who had a great sense of style and is into photography, film and aesthetics and she travels around quite a bit to cool places. I think she's awesome (Though for dabbing that one time... you shall not be forgiven).

Aimee Meester from To The Barricade. I've been following her blog for not too long but I'm definitely fond of her and her blog. She's just a really chill person who is unapologetic about her opinions. Ayy.

Monica from Golden Scribblings. I enjoy her blog and she is just so sweet. She doesn't post often but life occupies ya, y'know?

Emily from Ink, Inc.. You guys know how I appreciate my British people. You know. Her blog is absolutely flippin' brilliant and I like how she bolds her font at certain sentences.

Sunny Smith from A Splash of Ink. I use to confuse her and Emily. Yeah... I know, I'm terrible. I do really enjoy her blog posts and she doesn't post a lot so it's definitely a treat.

I can't leave out Amber Baker from It's a Blog Life! either, man. She is another one of the British people and she is absolutely fantastic! She's adorable on the outside but mischievous on the inside! Watch out for her ;)

You Who has an Awesome Sense of Humour

Of course I'm not going to forget our beloved Cait from Paper Fury. I wanted to add her as one of the beautiful blogs. Her design is on point, man! However she is also hilarious and makes me laugh a lot internally (especially with her tweets). Also, give her this cake for me. *brandishes freshly baked chocolate cake*


You Inspirational Blogger, You

Hannah from Ink Blots and Coffee Stains. She's very determined and writes very lovely posts. Honestly I want to get off my butt and start writing but easier said than done, man! Ugh, only God can save me from my own laziness!


Yes, finally I have done it.

I have compiled a list of all you brilliant bloggers out there. You're welcome.

Of course, there are some people who I have excluded. That is only because I haven't read enough of their blog posts.

Man, this took me over 3+ hours to do. No joke! Then again, I was distracted by some posts, mind you.

Whoever wants to do this tag can do it.

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  1. I'm grateful you got bloglovin; , because it's the main way I follow blogger blogs. How's college going! And thanks for mentioning us :) I'm glad you like our blog (even though I can barely keep up with it at this point because of work aaaaaaa) . You might think you're lazy but you don't seem very lazy to me ;D Thank you for mentioning all these blogs!

    1. Mm, nowadays... college could be better.

      Aw, thanks! And thanks again. <3

  2. Eek! My eyes literally bugged when I saw my blog on your list, thank you so much! I may or may not have also made a weird little squeaking sound :)
    Oh noes, I'm listed as a committed blogger and I haven't posted in almost two weeks, I blame it on life, please accept my excuses ☺️
    Ahh, all these people look so amazing, I want to go read them all, but, life, and commitments, ergh.

    You're Just Right

    1. You're... welcome? xD I dunno, I didn't expect anyone to get this happy when I mentioned them xD

      yeah, life gets busy. To be honest, I didn't even notice that you didn't post in two weeks.

      I know the feeling, when the holidays were around, I started following blogs frantically and it was easier to catch up because I had all the time in the world but now school is around *cries*

  3. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! (Grace thinks I'm brilliant. Grace thinks I'm brilliant. Hey Victoria, Grace thinks you're brilliant!) (*coughs*) Where was I?

    Your list is enormous! How do you find the time to read everything?

    1. Aw, don't make me almost blush! Yes, I think you're brilliant. You're hilarious and you and nice.

      I didn't do it all one day #easilydistracted

  4. Awww thanks for including me :) :) :) You're so sweet ;)

    1. Of course I'd include you.

      Haha, I could be sweeter xDDD

  5. Thank you so much for including me and all you said about my blog! :D (and sorry it took me forever to comment on this. I have a tendency to not remember that I tagged people for things and completely forget to check out their posts when they do them. :p ) And haha, yeah, I hadn't realized it before, but I do enjoy euphemisms a lot. :p



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