Introducing... My Bullet Journal! (Kind of a tutorial but not)

September 08, 2017

Hi guys! I've been planning to make this post for AGES. I originally thought I was going to create it last month. Unfortunately, I procrastinated but at least it's here now. Woo!

I'm not going to apologise for my messy writing (while I can make my writing easier, I do want to write some things down quickly. I'm a slow enough writer as it is!) or how my journal isn't so pretty, it's about what works for me after all 😂 However, I do apologise for my horrid photos. I'm absolutely terrible at taking photos. Ugh.

Stay tuned for some bullet journal tips at the end even though you might already know how to use one. 

That graphic is a photo of my actual bullet journal. As you can see, it's not your conventional bullet journal. It's just a sketch pad I got for around €2. I tried my best to find one with dots but I couldn't so I just settled with a blank one and I don't really have any regrets.

What I Use For My Bullet Journal:

Just random pens of different colours and pencils to draw and colour in.

Some washi/fabric tape

These pages are my index which I use to take note of any pages that I want to check back on regularly. I number my pages so it makes it easy to randomly write whatever I want on any page I want. I'm really grateful for this idea (which is obviously not mine)!

Here is my symbol key page. I attach some of these symbols at the end of tasks that I write in my weekly page. I don't use all of them now, though. The coloured dots were not really implemented until August. I basically use them on my calendar to keep track of stuff.

Here is the first calendar I ever made. I don't necessarily regret making this but there really wasn't sufficient space to write stuff on.

This is the page for my goals/tasks and books. As you can see, I just wrote the books down but I practiced drawing a book down below.

This is my weekly spreadsheet or whatever you call it with the days of the week in Spanish (I just wrote Monday and Tuesday). I attempted to try joined writing/calligraphy again. I basically mainly had writing tasks. Nothing really impressive 😂

This was how I changed my calendar. I made it horizontal and added more space!

Here is the Habit Tracker that failed miserably. I thought I would have fun making this but it only bothered me whenever I reminded myself to try to complete it for a day.

I just changed the design of my Goals and Books for this month. And I actually drew books!

Here is me re-doing it again.

This is a page I marked with fabric tape which is where I draw whatever the heck I want on the empty spaces of my bullet journal.

Here is my doodle and scribble area which is really similar to my doodle area that I've previously shown.

I just wrote Wednesday in Korean... I need to make that area a doodle area.

Things that I improved on. Yay!

Changed the layout of my journal.

And again

An improved version of my tracking productivity.

Here are just random lists that I can check back on because I numbered the bottom and added the pages to my index!

Some Bullet Journal Tips:

Many people have already mentioned this but YOUR BULLET JOURNAL DOES NOT HAVE TO BE PERFECT AS YOU HAVE SEEN MINE. Look up the original bullet journal design on to see that I'm not ruddy lying. But if you still don't want to make one, it's all grand.

Here are some blogs/videos where you can find ideas on how to start your own bullet journal:

Here are some minimal ones:

and some more fancy ones:

I just clogged your laptop/computer with tabs.

You're welcome.

What did you guys think about this post? Did you like it? Was it a little bit boring? Was it helpful? Do you have a bullet journal? If so why haven't you shown it on your blog?!

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  1. I'm not a planner, but I need to try this sometime!

  2. I've just started a bullet journal (Except that I'm using it to talk about what I've been doing on my travels, rather than to-do lists). I really liked this post! Your calligraphy is great--I'm trying to work on it but I kind of suck. I asked for fancy coloured pens as a graduation present and I really enjoy using them. :)

    1. That's awesome! I think the design for your weekly layout was pretty nice.

      My calligraphy isn't great! It's really average. :((( xDDD

      That is a really nice present. :)

  3. Are you kidding me? Your bullet journal is beautiful! I like how you kept updating and reworking it to suit you better as you figured out what worked and what didn't. Did you find it helped keep track of stuff at all? I don't have a bullet journal but I write a plain old journal which I fill with pretty pictures whenever I'm procrastinating hahaha.

    1. Thanks for thinking it is! xD

      Yeah, I really wasn't happy with it at the beginning.

      It really helped me keep track of things that I'd usually forget easily!

      It's great to have any sort of journal, really xD


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