Sudden Updates

September 10, 2017

All of this is abrupt, really. I didn't even have a picture prepared.

I didn't even get to write a single review this week which means more reviews piling up (I write them on paper before transferring them on my blog/or Goodreads). Well, I guess I can do that later.

I will be starting school officially on Tuesday. It's not really proper university but a sort of Pre-University where I'll be doing a one-year course (yes, another one). The course is Creative Writing and Cultural Studies. I just hope things go well so that I can make it to university so that I can be the perfect daughter to my very perfect parents.

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I haven't used a gif in so long *whimpers* Also: source

However, I won't have school every day of the week so hopefully I'll be able to use that time to do stuff that I need to do instead of procrastinating.

I also hope I get to catch up with blog posts and I don't forget about my blog (which I probably won't because I'm always going to be reading books and hopefully uploading language diary entries. Seriously, Grace 😑). Hopefully, I'll win the Goodreads challenge which is 55 books for me but if I don't win, I won't die. It was mainly an experiment for me really.

I'm just forgetting all the things I wanted to mention... *sighs*

Make sure you guys eat good food and stay away from toxic, negative people. I'm not saying all negative people are toxic but you know. Some people are too extra with their negativity. And I'm not one of those people that exclude parents and other family members from this. Blood is thicker than water but so is chicken curry and freaking cake man. Okay, silliness aside, family doesn't equal good people/supportive people or even trustworthy. It just equals the people you are placed with that also have the same DNA as you. And sometimes friends can even be more like family than family itself.

...but that's just my opinion.

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So what are you guys up to? Starting uni? Any special plans? Do you find me negative? xD

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  1. WHOA THAT LAST PARAGRAPH ABOUT FAMILY HIT HOME REEEEALLY HARD. *hugs* I hope life doesn't get too hectic for ya, Grace!! and good luck on the reading challenge!! 55 book is A LOT. I'm shooting for 17 :')

    rock on,

    1. I thought I was being too much of a negative nancy! I don't mean that my family are bad people but they really aren't super supportive I guess *hugs back*

      Good luck on your reading challenge as well! I guess you'll be very busy this year with music and writing and other stuff. 55 books is a lot. I should stop comparing myself to others!

  2. "Blood is thicker than water but so is chicken curry and freaking cake man." NICE. VERY NICE. 100% agree.

    Good luck with school, your goodreads challenge, and staying you around the negativity! :D <3


    1. Haha, I was a little too bitter that day I guess xD

      Thank you. I need all the luck I can get.


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