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August 15, 2016

 Thanks for tagging me, Alexa!


1. Thank the person who nominated you and link to their blog.

2. Answer the original six text-themed questions.

3. Add a typography/word related question of your own for those tagged to answer.

4. Tag six or more bloggers and let them know. gulps

5. Include these rules in your post.

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Let us begin.

What is your favourite letter of the alphabet?

Umm... whaat? I guess, G or J. If I had to pick any I guess I'd go for either of those.

Three words you love?

Pedestrian. Masterchef. Jollof.

Three words you hate?

Booger. Hip (the slang word of cool). Bae.

If you were to create a word what would it be and what would it describe?

It doesn't matter because someone would have already invented it. Darn you all.

originals  reaction annoyed frustrated ugh

Three Favourite Punctuation Marks?

(" ") These quotation marks (although ' '- these are used in Ireland and England), (?) the question mark and I would say ~ but it doesn't count #discrimination.  So I would have to say... (') the apostrophe. 

Three Favourite Fonts?

Times New Roman (who doesn't love this one? ;) ), Courier/Georgia and Helvetica. These fonts (except Times) are recent beauties I have discovered and I'll try to stick with these three (and the default?) instead of messing around with different ones for each tag. 

laughing laugh blackgirlmagic black girls black girl magic
I promise... I think...

Alexa's Extra #1: What are the most powerful words you've ever heard? 
"What defines you?"
 That was a quote someone made in their song dedicated to Lizzie Velásquez. 

Alexa's Extra #2: Can you think of a book title that has at least 5 of the words you mentioned throughout your tag?


The Darn Pedestrian Masterchef Jollof Bae.

It's real... obviously. 



If you wanna do this tag, then do it. Everyone had tagged everyone I know *cries*

Have a nice day. Yeah.

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  1. Masterchef is a very good word. ;) And yes, coming up with one of your own is definitely hard. Most likely, someone's used "voicey" before. Or even come up with a better word for it. :P

    Haha, love your answers to the extras! "What defines you?" that's definitely powerful and something to think about, and I'd at least pick up a book with that title, lol


    1. What's wrong with the title I invented? :P xD

    2. Nothing! lol, I was saying that that's a book I'd definitely at least pick up. The title's so wild, I'd have to know what the book's about, lol



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