PS: I Still Love You (To All The Boys I've Loved Before #2)

August 18, 2017

Author: Jenny Han

Genre: Contemporary, YA, Romance

Blurb: Lara Jean didn't expect to really fall for Peter.

They had just been pretending. Except suddenly they weren't. Now Lara Jean is more confused than ever.

Then another boy from her past returns to her life, and Lara Jean's feelings for him return too.

Can a girl be in love with two boys at the same time?

Intermission: If you haven't read the first book and don't want spoilers, you might not want to read this review. Okay? Good.

SHOOT. Shoot, shoot, shoot.

To be frank, I never expected myself to like this book even more than the first.

This book was much funnier.
"Why do I get a smaller bowl of soup than everyone else?" Kitty whispers to me. 
"Because you're the littlest."
 "Why don't we get our own bowl of kimchi?"    
  "Because Aunt Carrie thinks we don't like it because we're not full Korean."


Kitty's temperament is such that when she knows you don't much value something, she grows suspicious of it too and the appeal is lost to her. For a long time I had her convinced that raisins were my absolute favourite, and she must never ever eat more than her share, when in actuality I hate raisins and was grateful someone else was eating them.

As for the characters, I liked Lara Jean... but slightly less than before. I felt bad for her when 

 someone (who turned out to be Genevieve later on) sent a video of her and Peter in a hot tub kissing to a popular instagram page. That was too much.

I felt that Lara Jean experienced some character growth. She was still naive but that's kind of her charm (Okay, she kind of reminds me of herself at times but still!). And she still made delicious cakes (Obviously, Grace) and other delightful treats.

I believe it is safe to say I don't hate Kitty anymore. I don't hate Kitty anymore. I don't necessary like her, but can tolerate her a bit more. After all, if it weren't for her sending out Lara Jean's letters, Lara Jean and Kavinsky wouldn't be together.

Now that I mention Lara Jean and Kavinsky, I actually liked the romance? It was pretty minimal and actually good and they weren't being annoyingly sappy and gross. Their little bickers were so cute. I think I technically ship them.

I was seriously waiting to use this gif! :P

I'm not willing to ever become a shipper but Kavinsky and Lara Jean are good together. They suit each other so well despite their differences. That is mind blowingly awesome, people.

Can we talk about Kavinsky now? He is awesome. I was so, so wrong about this guy. He proved himself by showing  different layers of himself. Someone give him a freaking award for being a boss.

You know what? Chris gave me some major Sam Puckett vibes. You remember Sam from iCarly? That was exactly the way I imagined her. Also-

I kinda suspected her to be the one who sent the videos of Lara Jean and Kavinsky. I'M SORRY, OKAY? I never expected the 'mystery' to be so predictable.

I liked how the book explored double standards between boys and girls. It was interesting how feminism was incorporated into the novel. I didn't necessarily agree with everything (then again, I'm not a feminist) but it was enjoyable nonetheless. 

And here comes the negative complaints.

In the dark next to me she says, "I'm going to date a bunch of Scottish guys when I get back to school. When else will I have another opportunity like that, right?"

I giggle and roll over so we're face-to-face. "No, wait- don't date a bunch of Scottish guys. Date one from England, one from Ireland*, one from Scotland. And Wales! A tour of the British Empire!"

*Dear people. Please do your gosh darn research before proclaiming that Ireland is a part of England. That's Northern Ireland. Not the Republic of Ireland for flip's sake. Though Nothern Ireland might not be a part of England in the future. Who knows? 

Lara Jean and Peter messed up. Kinda. Lara Jean was a little too petty and Peter a little to lenient. 

I wished Lara Jean would stop saying that she was in love with guys she only had a crush on. A crush and falling in love are very different things. Seriously.

And lastly, the name the Covey/Song family gave to their dog - Jamie Fox Pickle - is pretty awful.

Recommendation: Jenny Han + fluffy contemporary loving fans

Four stars our of five

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  1. I read these last year and reread this year, and I totally agree with your review! I think the main point of this book was Lara Jean realising Peter wasn't hung up on Genevieve, she was. I don't love Peter, but my favourite part about this book is the realisticness (in some ways--Lara Jean's dad never lectures her about how expensive butter is and unhealthy, unlike mine). I like how the romance isn't perfect and how it's not just about romance, but also it's still fun to read. :)

    1. Ah, I get that you don't love Peter ;)

      I also like how realistic it is!

      Yeah, for a romance book it was pretty minimal. I really liked that ^^

      Thanks for commenting, Shar!


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