The Last Leaves Falling

August 13, 2017

Author: Sarah/Fox Benwell

Genre: YA, Contemporary

Blurb: I am going to die.
In a hospital, hooked up to a million machines.
Piece by piece, my freedom will be taken and my body will shut down.
What kind of an end is that?
But maybe there is another way...
This is a story of Life and Death
Of finding friendship and finding courage.

I went into this book without knowing much about it. It was refreshing to read a book set in Japan.

The protagonist, Sora is a 17 year old boy that suffers from ALS. The novel follows his life through the early stages of his illness to his later stages.

I enjoyed the writing style and the short chapters. I liked the snippets of emails, letters, forum messages, etc.

I was glad that the book explored online friendships in a positive way. I kind of envied Sora, Kai and Mai's friendship. 

I also appreciated how there was no romance. There is an undertone, but it isn't really anything official.

Despite not really liking the ending, I don't regret reading the novel.

Recommendation: People interested in Japanese culture and ALS

4 stars out of five

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  1. Oh I actually won this like a year ago and STILL haven't read it!! Shame on me. 😜 It sounds really heartbreaking and amazing so definitely bumping it up the TBR!

    1. I hope you manage to get to it! I hope you enjoy it.

      Thanks for commenting!

  2. This sounds really interesting! Is it in verse/poems or is it normal writing? For some reason it sounds like A Thousand Paper Cranes to me...

    1. The writing is normal. Oh? I've never heard of that book.


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