Christian YouTubers

April 28, 2016

I have compiled a list of Christian YouTubers to watch since it is very difficult to find them.

Note: I know this page is messed up. I'll try to fix it someday!

1. Blimey Cow

This is probably the most popular Christian comedy channel on YouTube. This channel is run by Jordan and Josh Taylor and Josh's wife Kelli. They often feature special guests as well. This is a satirical channel in which Jordan talks about Homeschooling, Romantic Relationships, God and the internet. They are known for their sarcasm but I hope you will look past that and focus on the message.
Jordan also has his own personal channel called Jordan Taylor.

3. Say Goodnight Kevin

He is also a friend of Blimey Cow's. He discusses his dilemmas and reviews Christian media in his SayMovieNightKevin videos. A very interesting guy. You should check him out.

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  1. I adore Blimey Cow! I actually love how they're sarcastic and they always have really great messages. Have you seen the Top 30 (15?) Christian pick-up lines? I couldn't stop cracking up. I'll have to check out the other two channels out, thanks for the suggestions! I'd also recommend Katie Gregoire, she's pretty good as well.

    1. Yeah, I watched their Christian pick up lines xD

      And ooh, Katie Gregoire! You know, I actually found her channel because of her sister's blog. One day I decided to start reading blogs and then I found her. She's pretty interesting. I liked the friend tag she did with Jordan!

  2. Blimey Cow is so great! I love those guys. ;)
    I should check out TenchiJK. I've never heard of him.


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